Police Officer in Germany Kills for Canibalism

german, police officer, cannibal, killing

A German police officer has been arrested with evidence proving he stabbed a man to death for the purpose of cannibalism. The 55 year old suspect, known as Detlev G, met his victim about a month prior to the murder on a chat website for people with fetishes for “exotic meat”, a common code name for canibalism.

Both the suspect as well as the victim have been reported as being obsessed with cannibalism. Reports from witnesses to their interactions say that the victim had long talked of fantasizing about being killed with the intentions of being eaten. The German police officer seemed more than happy to entertain this fetish.

After a thorough search of Detlev’s property, evidence was clear that the the body was tortured, dismembered and then buried all over the garden. What possibly makes this all for nothing from the victim’s stand point, is that after all this, there is no evidence that Detlev actually ended up eating any of the body after all. Admitting to stabbing the man on November 4 in the throat and dismembering him, he refuses allegations that he ever consumed any of the remains.

german, police officer, cannibal, killing

Given that the police officer worked in the forensics department in his country, possibly something that could have tipped them off that this was coming. However, possibly sympathetic to his co-workers, he has been reported to be very forthcoming with the information and even led investigators to areas on his property where lay the remains.

The victim’s business partner is what tipped off the police to begin investigations. After it was noticed that he had gone missing, electronic communications left behind between the police officer and his new doomed friend. The two men met at a train station for the first time the evening of the murder after corresponding and planning for a month’s time prior. Detlev then led the man to his home where the act finally took place.

Despite countless amounts of evidence that the man agreed to his fate, chance of the police officer serving a life sentence is very high. The people of Germany are now reminded by this gruesome incident of a similar murder in 2001 by Armin Meiwes who admitted to the murder of Bernd Jeurgen Brandes. Brandes also consented to his murder as well.

Although authorities say there is not much they can do to stop the websites, statistics suggest that 99% of people on these sites get their fix just from the discussions. It’s a tragedy for the one percent that need that little bit extra.

german, police officer, cannibal, killing

Police President Dieter Kroll said the case shows “how people with the most gruesome fantasies can get together on the internet and live out their perversions in an ever starker form”. The investigations team currently is still refusing to offer any conclusions of Detlev’s motive, but the media has gone wild in Germany saying that the police officer was recently divorced and had started relationships with men recently.

Trial dates for the police officer who admitted to killing a man who dreamed of cannibalism have not yet been set.

By Romana Outerbridge


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