Rob Ford and His Infamous Debacle

Rob FordSo here is where Rob Ford stands with his infamous debacle. This is just one more case where a politician gets busted doing something they shouldn’t be, and since there’s still wiggle room for him to get off scot-free since he had only allegedly smoked crack cocaine, he denied it. Although when the police actually did end up finding the video proving he has smoked the illegal substance, he danced around his false testimony saying “You asked the wrong questions,” as if some sort of grammatical error made him misinterpret the question being asked. He knew he was in deep water, and instead of taking responsibility for his actions he just denied it hoping it would disappear. Doesn’t this situation sound familiar, parents?

Rob Ford is really just a man child doing the same thing any little boy would do when asked “Did you go into the cookie jar?” “No mommy, I swear I didn’t.” Meanwhile there’s video evidence, and now he’s that he’s caught red handed, he’s doing ‘”the right thing” and admitting his faults. Yet if we go back to the cookie scenario, most parents would agree the child was in the wrong for lying instead of just coming clean, especially when it’s not that big of a deal. It affects him and him alone. It’s just that the lies are tarnishing his stature as a politician. It’s astonishing how well most people are taking this though; after all, it’s not a big concern what anyone else does to their body, but if the mayor of one of the biggest cities in the country uses political jargon to tiptoe around getting into trouble over substance abuse, imagine what else he’s lied about during his term, and over his career in general.

His brother Doug Ford “Didn’t see this coming.” Meanwhile the rest of the world knew it was coming; we were all just anxiously waiting on the video footage to be released. How is this the worst day of his life? Nothing was done but damage to Rob’s reputation, and the reputation of Canada, and quite frankly any damage done to Rob’s reputation is completely self inflicted, so he deserves zero sympathy. This whole issue would have blown over more smoothly had Ford just admitted what he had done when it was brought up. Also another gross thing about the situation was that, ever after the fact, when Rob Ford had come out and publicly admitted to crack cocaine use, he said “It was probably in one of my drunken stupors about a year ago.” Probably? He still is only half admitting it, as if the alcohol is taking most of the responsibility.

It’s funny that before his admittance he was asked “Are you a crack cocaine addict?” and because he believed he was not, he said “No” to this question, when really that’s just dancing around it. No one is overly surprised to see this whole situation collapse in on Rob Ford who’s now infamous over this ridiculous debacle, and it mostly likely will not lead to a resignation, but it’ll definitely leave a dark cloud of Toronto for a little while. The Toronto City Council has recently stripped Mayor Ford of more powers and voted to cut his office budget by 60%, so he has more than diminished his reputation with the public, as well as with government officials who are his peers, to a point beyond repair.

By Brandon Webb

Global News
The Star
Fox News

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