Santa Claus Is Real

10 Ways to Keep Santa Claus Alive for Kids this Holiday Season

Santa Claus Is Real

Santa Claus can be real for kids this holiday with a little help from the adults in their lives. Santa will make his traditional arrival at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade today, ringing in the official Christmas season for all and beginning the time of year when children are ripe with anticipation for his visit to them this year. This holiday season when the questioning and doubt as to  the true existence of Santa Claus comes, here are ten ways to keep him alive.

1.  Participating in the time-honored tradition of writing and mailing a letter to Santa. An original letter is a wonderful idea but there are also many examples and formats for Santa letters online and even a number of addresses where the letters can be sent directly to the North Pole.  For added fun, Santa could even write back to the child.  This could be a simple handwritten letter or originate from any one of a number of websites where letters from Santa can be postmarked from the North Pole and the big guy himself.

2.  Reading books and watching movies about the existence of Santa Claus.  Not only is this an enjoyable way to spend time with children, but children may be persuaded  that Santa is real by his presence in stories they love

3. Ordering a phone call from Santa. There are any number of services available online to make this a magical phone call happen for a child this Christmas.

4.  Creating photographs or videos to prove that Santa is watching. Children will believe that Santa is real and is watching with photographs featuring him in or around their own home at Christmas time. Simple photo or video editing software can make this a reality as can any number of apps and websites available strictly for this purpose.

5.  Tracking Santa’s progress.  The Norad Santa tracker tracks Santa’s progress every year throughout Christmas Eve Day and Santa can be tracked via Facebook and twitter in this age of social media as well.

6.  Leaving cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. This experience can be even more magical if cookie crumbs are left among carrots with bites out of them

7. Witnessing Santa’s footprints. Leaving boot prints in leftover fireplace ash, or  sprinkling baby powder or powdered sugar around the outline of a pair of large boots near the front door can provide proof positive to a child that Santa is real.

8. Spreading magical glitter snow that marks Santa’s path.  After the little ones have gone to bed for the night, white and silver glitter can be spread outside all the way to the doorway (or the chimney) to mark the path that Santa must have taken on his way to deliver gifts.

9. Listening for Santa’s sleigh bells. After children head to bed and are told that Santa will be coming,  ringing some jingle bells outside their window can provide additional proof of the reality of Santa.

10. Using special Santa wrapping paper.  This means being sure that emerging skeptical kids don’t suddenly realize that gifts from mom, dad or grandma are wrapped in the same paper as those from Santa and inadvertently blow his cover.

These ten tasks, and undoubtedly many, many more can help to keep Santa real for children this Christmas season and assist in the creation of a happy holiday for all.

By Michele Wessel






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