Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Find the Best Thanksgiving Sale

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Find the Best Thanksgiving Sale
Black Friday Chaos

Before packing up to sleep out on the street this Thanksgiving night, a lot of people have been thinking twice about braving Black Friday morning outside of the nation’s most congested malls and department stores. They might be desperate for a good deal but they are starting to learn that the best deals of the year aren’t always on Black Friday.

Could it be that Black Friday isn’t really living up to the hype? The answer isn’t really so straightforward. The best deals depend not just on the store but on the product. The truly serious budget shoppers are carefully accessing their lists now to make sure that they get in on the very best Thanksgiving sales.

According to retail experts, if they want to find the best after Thanksgiving sales, they need to take a look at their holiday shopping list to decide if they should shop on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. The best shopping day is really going to depend on the type of product.

Thanksgiving Day Shopping Deals

Serious shoppers can forget about lounging around on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner if they are in the market for an Android phone, a new HDTV, or video games.

On Thanksgiving, video games are an average of 70 percent cheaper than Black Friday and 229 percent cheaper than Cyber Monday. With a few gamers in the family, this can add up to major discounts.

As far as cell phones, the best prices are dependent on the brand. Androids are typically at the lowest price of the year on Thanksgiving Day. iPhones, on the other hand, are at their cheapest on Black Friday. The lowest prices are almost guaranteed not be at the Apple store though. Most years, the best iPhone deals are at the big box dealers.

Black Friday Bargains

The truly dedicated shoppers will be pulling a Thanksgiving all-nighter to get a laptop or desktop. Black Friday has the best deals on tech like computers, PC hardware, and flash drives. With these high ticket items, it might actually be worth finding a place in the Best Buy line.

Household appliances and kitchenware are typically bargains on Black Friday as well. So, all of those men who are looking to get their wives a vacuum for Christmas, can line up outside in the early morning.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Find the Best Thanksgiving Sale
Fashionistas: Leave Black Friday for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Steals

The Cyber Monday system is completely counterintuitive. Apparently, it’s best to buy cell phones, computers, and all things tech in-store on Black Friday or Thanksgiving day.  The best Cyber Monday deals are on clothes and shoes.

Retailers know that the Thanksgiving and Black Friday chaos in the brick and mortar shops is not conductive to flipping through clothes racks and trying things on. On average, consumers are going to see 50 percent more sales online on Cyber Monday than they’d  find on Thanksgiving night or Black Friday.


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