Sen. Creigh Deeds (VA) Stabbed, Son Gus Dead

Sen Deeds in criitcal condition

New York Daily News reports United States Senator Creigh Deeds (D, VA) is in critical condition after being stabbed early Tuesday morning in his home in Bath County. Reports also indicate Deeds’ son, Austin “Gus” Deeds is responsible for the attack. Gus Deeds was found with a gunshot wound in the home that appeared to be self-inflicted. Sadly, Sen. Deeds’ son has been pronounced dead from his wound.
A local news station reported the police were called to the Deeds home at 7:25 am and found Deeds wounded and his son dead. It is believed that Gus attacked his father then turned a gun on himself.

Sen Deeds & FamilySen. Deeds, 55, and father of four, was airlifted and is being treated at the University of Virginia Medical center in Charlottesville, VA. Police are investigating the matter, to try to discover what may have led Gus to attack his father and then commit suicide.

Sen. Deeds ran unsuccessfully for governor of Virginia in 2009 and has represented the state in Congress since 2001. During his bid for governor, Gus and his sister Amanda assisted with the campaign and routinely travelled with the Senator when he visited college campuses. According to the Washington Post, Gus took a semester off school to help with the Senator’s campaign.

The family profile available during the gubernatorial race listed Gus as a 20-year-old junior at William & Mary. In 2009, Gus was arrested for underage drinking during Sen. Deeds run for the governor against Republican Bob McDonnell. Apparently, political operatives discovered the matter and released the information I July on 2009, just a week before Gus was due to be arraigned in Bath County. 2009 arrest record, Austin "Gus" Deeds

Gus was charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor of underage possession, and Sen. Deeds has been a proponent of stiff penalties for this offense. Under the 2009 law, Gus faced a maximum sentence of 12 months in jail and fine of $2500. Gus went to court in September 2009 on the charges.

The Bath County Sherriff’s detectives and Virginia State Police held a press conference at noon eastern time. Virginia State police were unable to confirm motive or the exact sequence of events. Police declined to comment on Sen. Deeds’ condition, but a call to the University of Virginia Medical Center confirmed Deeds is in critical condition. State police report Sen. Deeds was stabbed several times, but the hospital was unable to confirm this. Police also confirm the Senator was alert and able to communicate, but would not comment up on any statements he may have made to first responders.

Two helicopters were dispatched to the Deeds home in rural western Virginia, one for the senator and another for his son. Gus could not be stabilized, however, and died at the scene. Gus reportedly has a Millboro, VA address and police could not confirm whether or not he was living at home with Senator Deeds. No information is available at this time as to whether or not alcohol or drugs may have been involved, but police are not seeking any suspects at this time.

Pending results from interviews and further investigation, police will hold another press conference at 3 pm Eastern time. No details on the exact injuries to Sen. Deeds or his son have been released, except to say the Senator was stabbed multiple times and Gus was mortally wounded from a gunshot.

Sen. Deeds’ family is with him at the hospital and state troopers are standing by to offer whatever assistance they can. The investigation is entering its fifth hour and more details are expected to be released during the press conference at 3pm Eastern time today. State police did stress however, that they are not yet certain of any motive that may have led to this assault nor have they confirmed the “exact sequence of events” that resulted in the Senator’s injuries and his son, Austin “Gus” Creigh Deeds’ death in the Senator’s permanent residence in rural Virginia.


By Brandi Tasby

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