Seth Rogen and James Franco Abound

In Kanye West Video Bound 2

Seth Rogen and James Franco

If you take the comedic talent of Seth Rogen, couple it with the acting ability of James Franco and then add to that the musical genius of Kanye West, what will you have?  You’ll have a video parody of Kanye’s new video Bound 2 that not only abounds musically (if you like Kanye’s style), but it will also keep you laughing every time that Rogen bats his eyelashes or gives a pursed-lipped kissy face.

According to Kim Kardashian, even her sourpuss fiancé, Kanye West, had to laugh when he saw the Rogen/Franco parody of his newly released Bound 2 video, which stars James Franco as Kanye  and Seth Rogen as Kim.

Earlier this month, Mr. West debuted his controversial Bound 2 video on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  It features a topless Kim Kardashian erotically kissing, hugging and holding onto Kanye as if her life depended on it.   Even though the video received  hand-clapping adulation on Ellen, Kanye critics have found the video  love story to be funnier than Eddie Murphy doing standup in his heyday.

Whether you’re watching the parody or the  original video, they both feature either Kanye and Kim – or James and Seth – riding a motorcycle through the Grand Canyon.  In each video, the scenery is breathtaking, the motorcycle is gyrating to the music and the wind is blowing through the luscious manes of Kim or Seth.  Now add to this, Kanye rapping in cadence to the music, and songster Charlie Wilson, intoning sensually in the background; and you’ve got just what Kanye intended – an NC-17 rated video.

While working on the set of their movie, The Interview, Rogen and Franco took a fun-break to recreate and recapture the Bound 2 video scene-by-scene, titling it Bound 3.

Even if West had no talent for making music, his talent for being controversial abounds continually.  Be it his outlandish comments, or his over-the-top behavior, we can always count on Kanye to either say, or do, something which makes us gasp or silently say, “The man is crazy.”  Can you say “Taylor Swift?”

After seeing the Bound 3 parody, Kim Kardashian tweeted Seth Rogen, stating that he and James Franco “nailed” the video of her and Kanye.  In short, she found it very funny.  She further tweeted that Kanye also loved the parody and laughed aloud.

Since there is no such thing as bad publicity, the Kimyae camp and PR team must be flattered that two stellar actors like Rogen and Franco chose to imitate Kanye and Kim.  After all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

In his brief communique to Kim Kardashian, Seth Rogen tweeted that “some positions were harder than they looked.”  It’s probably unimaginable how sore Rogen was after shooting take-after-take-after-take of trying to strike the right pose while steadying himself on the bars of a motorcycle .

The pouty-cheeked West usually gives the impression that he never laughs at anything or with anyone other than baby North or Kim K.  But according to Ms. Kardashian, upon seeing the Seth Rogen/James Franco parody, Kanye not only liked it, but laughed as well.

Maybe now, the laughter will no be longer bound, just the attitude.

By DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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