Seth Rogen Topless Video Oddly Pleases Kanye West

Seth Rogen James Franco Highlight Kanye West Hypocrisy

Seth Rogen poses topless in his and James Franco’s Bound 3 video and, according to Kim, it pleases Kanye West enormously, which is a bit odd. Unfortunately it highlights West’s obvious hypocrisy since he finds their video spoof of his own abysmal track, and its accompanying music video, Bound 2 so “funny.” The two actors made their own “shot-for-shot” music video which was titled Bound 3. The video has gone viral on YouTube with over 5.5 million views and serves to show just why This is the End was so funny, not to mention Pineapple Express.

In fact the two men made a parody music video that pretty much stomps the disappointing effort of Kanye West’s original music video flat. While Rogen’s and Franco’s parody is not only funny; with its frame-by-frame recreation of West’s “self-serving” homage to Kardashian,  it is actually superior to the original.

The video is perfect in its humor and execution. It also makes fun of West and the presence of Kim Kardashian. Despite all this, West has declared that he loves the video. Not only did he love it, but, according to Kardashian he thought it was “soooo funny.”

If Kanye West really thought the video was “spot-on” he is showing that when it comes to humor at his expense, the performer is a real hypocrite. Just why is the spoof video that Rogen and Franco made, and uploaded for the world to see, not only okay, but, hysterically funny. Although, again, we only have Kim’s tweet to Rogen and nothing from West.

Of course we only have her word for Kanye’s apparent amused delight. It has been suggested that Kardashian is attempting to keep West from having another unpleasant moment via Twitter with Rogen and Franco’s spoof video. Although the idea of Seth Rogen mimicking Kim Kardashian’s topless appearance in West’s music video pleasing the singer is a oddly puzzling.

The allegation that Kim is trying to smooth things over with the two actors does make a certain amount of sense. Because it wasn’t that long ago that West took to Twitter to spew profane and extremely personal tweets at funnyman Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel had spoofed a Kanye West interview on BBC Radio One. Jimmy had two child actors portray West and the BBC presenter. The short skit was funny and pretty low-key. West was not amused and he gave Kimmel both barrels of a metaphorical rage shotgun armed with tweets. He turned the entire thing into a, self-admitted, schoolboy fight on the social network.

West did apologise, after a fashion, except he did not take any blame for over-reacting. His story was that they both got a bit childish about the whole thing. However, any person who viewed the entire unpleasant episode from a distance would have seen that the television funnyman was actually very well-behaved, and still funny with it.

Overall, the entire Jimmy Kimmel reaction from the 36 year-old singer/songwriter was keeping in character with the performer’s overblown opinion of himself and his inability to laugh at himself. So why was the mildly funny skit by Kimmel so offensive and the “spot-on” spoof music video not?

Could it have something to do with Tinsel Town status? To point out the obvious elephant in the room; Kimmel is not on equal ground with either Rogen or Franco. In terms of net worth alone, Kimmel, at $35 million is worth a bit more green than Franco at $20 million. Rogen, however, pulls in $10 million more than Kimmel. So it isn’t about the money.

It is about the “standing,” or more accurately, the medium that Kimmel works in. Like Kanye’s main squeeze, Kimmel is in television. While that puts him on the same “level” as Kardashian, in terms of publicity just how well-known is the comic TV presenter outside of the United States and Canada? West is known all over the world and his net worth? To put it bluntly West could actually buy out Rogen, Franco and Kimmel and still have enough of the green stuff left to keep Kim in diamonds; or to more be specific, West is worth a cool $100 million.

What Seth Rogen and James Franco have in common with Kanye West is their “global impact.” Their medium is film and both men keep pretty busy working in front of, and behind, the camera when they aren’t doing spoof music videos. Somewhat oddly, Rogen’s topless video appearance, pleases Kanye no end because both Franco and he are more socially acceptable and have the same high profile as West. For Kanye to say, via his fiance Kim, that he is not insulted by the fun being poked at him and that he finds it funny, Yeezus has shown his true hypocritical colors. Of course with that kind of fame and money, he can afford to be whatever he wants.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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