Kanye West Trashes Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter (Video)

Kanye West Trashes Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter

Not that we needed any further proof that Kanye West is losing his grip on reality, but, his latest Twitter tirade in which he trashes Jimmy Kimmel shows that the Yeezus singer has apparently gone right past losing and has lost it. Posting tweets and pictures with obscene captions to describe his rage at being used as part of a skit on Kimmel’s show, the rapper shows that he does not just “go-off” on paparazzi.

We have the video below of Jimmy’s Kanye West skit. See if you think it was worth the rapper’s angry reaction.

Kimmel had a skit on his September 25 show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, that poked fun at Kanye’s interview with Zane Lowe for BBC Radio One. After showing the audience part of the real Kanye interview, he then had two children imitate Lowe and West.

The comedy gag had the two kids sipping on milkshakes while the youngster playing the 36 year-old performer did a brilliant job of capturing West’s demeanor. He ranted about culture, being the world’s greatest rock star and claiming that he invented leather jogging pants.

To be fair, both the real interview and the fake one, were pretty much neck and neck in the amusement stakes. West is starting to resemble the rapping version of Amanda Bynes. His behaviour, which has always had more than a touch of megalomania, seems to be taking a turn for the worse.

Kimmel’s audience found both interviews funny and the “Kanye Kid” elicited a lot of laughter and applause from studio observers. But there was one observer who did not find the skit or Jimmy amusing. Kanye took to Twitter to trash Jimmy Kimmel and his tweets were in all capital letters as well as sprinkled liberally with obscenities.

Perhaps West used all caps to indicate that he was yelling at Kimmel. He tweeted that funny man and talk show host Jimmy was not as funny as Sarah Silverman and, among other things, was “out of line” and that Kimmel had no right to spoof his “honest media.”

What follows are some of West’s Twitter rant:

Kanye West Twitter Tirade

Kanye West not amused

The above tweets were the only ones that could be replicated. West’s other tweets had too many, f*cks and motherf***ers in them to put into the article. Even his Sponge Bob Square Pants picture had profanity on it.

Kanye West is not a huge Twitter fan, but he flooded the micro blogging site with increasingly irate, accusatory and profane tweets. He also reverted to childlike behaviour by making allegations that Kimmel was funny looking, and he also included Jimmy’s pal Ben Affleck. West did use the hashtag #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK as well as the hashtag #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL.

Looking at Kanye’s childish rant against Kimmel, it looks like the child they used to represent West was a bit too old. Baby North’s father really seems to have lost the plot.

But, has he really?

Take into account Kimmel’s latest video prank. The one with the twerking girl who catches herself on fire. Is this whole tirade by Kanye West another prank? While the tweets do sound like something the performer might do, are they so over the top because this is an elaborate con by trickster Kimmel?

If it is, than Kanye is showing a sense of humor that has never been seen before by the general public. It is also a side that no paparazzi has seen either. While this particular Twitter rant smacks of something that Amanda Bynes might do, it could really be another prank.

But, it does not seem likely. Kanye West’s trashing of Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter feels real. This is the performer who is the scourge of paparazzi everywhere and has never hesitated to act badly with his fellow celebrities. If this is yet another Kimmel prank, it is a good one. But in reality, it does fit West’s egotistical personality a bit too well to be fake. What do you think?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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