GTA V Fake Fools Thousands

GTA V Android

Android malware is starting coming out and beginning to cause problems for GTA V users. There are many fraud campaigns happening right now in the smart phone world, especially on Google Play. Over thousands of consumers have been tricked because of GTA V fake android apps. These are fooling thousands of players at this time.

GTA V is quickly becoming the most widely sold video game ever. But with that, Rockstar Game has planned to bring GTA V iFruit app to Android devices, although it has not occurred yet. Right now the only thing on any Androids is fake malicious versions that are being out on the Google Play Store.

Rockstar has established they have not yet released any Android version, just the Apple iOS type. So Android owners all over the world are being warned not to download any sort of GTA V app because they can and probably do  contain malicious malware.

Two fake apps are showing up on Google Play Store and there could be more at any time. These two are using the same icon as iFruit in a cheap attempt to copycat Rockstar and steal money from people.

So beware of any GTA V Android app you might have downloaded. The fakes have fooled thousands because, unlike Apple’s iOS store, Google Play Store is not moderated. Google is more relaxed with app approval than Apple and this has caused malware, fake apps and knock-offs to appear in the past.  Beware and do not download any GTA V for Android until it is released officially from Rockstar.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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