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Sharon Osbourne Vagina Operation Excruciating but Ozzy Loved It

Sharon Osbourne Vagina Operation Excruciating but Ozzy Loved It

Sharon Osbourne spoke about her vagina operation on British television and revealed that it was excruciating but Ozzy loved it. The 61 year-old “jack of all trades” in the entertainment industry, and wife of Ozzy Osbourne, was on the popular Graham Norton Show on BBC One where she spoke candidly about all the cosmetic surgery she’s had over the years.

Fellow guest Colin Farrell was treated to Sharon’s opening up about all the times that she has gone “under the knife” over the years. The X Factor judge revealed that she first had cosmetic surgery in 1978. Her ’70s breast reduction was just the beginning and as she stated in her autobiography, she has not had many parts of her body that have not been “removed, peeled, lasered, enhanced, stretched or tweaked.”

Osbourne is just one of the many women who have opted to have a “designer vagina.” In addition to her breast reduction and new “tighter” vagina, Osbourne had liposuction; a gastric band fitted; a tummy tuck, facelift and a brow-lift. She has also had her bottom “lifted” and gotten her teeth fitted with veneers. The one thing that Sharon has not admitted to is getting collagen injections to fill out her lips.

The X Factor judge also had non-cosmetic surgery when she had the same double mastectomy that Angelina Jolie underwent to ward off breast cancer. Sharon says that she spent almost $200,000 over the years in cosmetic enhancements. Osborne’s excruciating vagina operation that Ozzy loved so much has not been the last enhancement that she’s had done.

After her double mastectomy, Sharon had a neck lift and that appears to be the last cosmetic surgery that she will have. It appears that her family support her decision; especially Ozzy who, despite his delight at her new designer vagina, used to worry every time she went under the knife.

She revealed that since finding out that her son Jack had multiple sclerosis and her latest battle to overcome colorectal cancer; Osbourne is no longer interested in “going under” for cosmetic surgery. Sharon explained that both Ozzy and her family do not want her to have unnecessary surgery because of the dangers of anesthesia.

Another thing that Osbourne revealed on the BBC talk show was her regret at doing the reality television show that brought her and the family into homes across the world. She told show host Graham Norton that filming the series, which ran from 2002 to 2005, took a lot out of the family. Sharon said that because of the time spent filming, neither she or Ozzy spent enough time with Kelly or Jack.

The entertainment businesswoman and promoter did say that despite the lack of attention, both of their children grew up just fine. Sharon confessed that she felt guilty about all the cosmetic surgery that she underwent over the years and that she allowed her vanity to make her do stupid things. Jack’s diagnosis seems to have driven home the fact that vanity is pretty useless.

Sharon Osbourne probably would not undertake the excruciating vagina operation again for Ozzy, even it he did love it. Her values have changed and seemingly so has her rockstar husband’s. After their troubled patch earlier in the year, Ozzy has gotten sober and straight again. On top of that Sharon has moved on from her self-confessed vanity; albeit with a designer vagina that few women could afford.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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