Shooting Reported at LAX; TSA Agent Killed [UPDATES]

Shooter appears to be neutralized

Shooting Reported at LAX


The shooter at LAX Terminal 3 has been identified as Paul Ciancia. He has no prior history of working at LAX or TSA.




A UCLA Medical Center spokesperson has confirmed there are three male patients from the shooting, two are in fair condition one is critical.  The spokesperson had no identifying information on the patients. Two of the pateints have gunshot wounds and one has “other injuries.”


Mayor Eric Garetti thanked law enforcement for their action today. He advised anyone with flights this afternoon to stay away, due to the active investigation. Anyone waiting on a flight should go to one of the other terminals or look into one of the LAX hotels.

LAX Chief of Police Patrick Gannon reported a man entered LAX, pulled an assault rifle from a bag and opened free. He continued shooting as he approached the screening area. LAX officers tracked and confronted the shooter and were able to subdue him and take him into custody. Chief Gannon also stated that less than three weeks ago, there was a practice exercise involving LAX police and some LAPD officers that enacted this exact scenario. Having spoken with some of the officers involved today, he says they told him that training was critical in handling the shooter today. Gannon confirmed that there was only one active shooter and the incident is tied to Terminal 3 and only Terminal 3.

Executive Director of LAX reported the airport is accepting flights but operating at less than half normal capacity. No flights are landing at the north airfield, only the south. Passengers that were ready to leave when the shooting began have either left or are waiting to leave.  The Director encouraged travelers to check with their airline before setting out for the airport and gave LAX Twitter stream as the best place for up-to-date info, @LAX_Official.

Fire Chief Jim Featherstone reported  that LAFD treated seven people on site and transported six to local hospitals. One hundred firemen are currently committed to the incident.  Featherstone confirmed the incident began around 9:20 am PST and LAFD was onsite by 9:28 am. The Emergency Management Department is currently operating at Level 1 for about two hours now, and the city is ready to deal with any issues that may stem from the shooting.

FBI Special Agent David Browich reported the FBI is taking the lead on teh investigation because the airport is federal property. They are working “hand in hand” with local law enforcement agencies, LAX Police, LAPD, and TSA.  They are in communication with the US Attorney’s office and will bring all resources to bear to assist in investigating the shooting.

Councilman Mike Bonner commended all the law enforcement officials who took part in subduing the shooter and gathering civilians and taking them to safety.

The shooter’s identity is not yet available, nor is there any information on his history or motivation for attacking Terminal 3.



LA Bomb squad vehicles, fire trucks and policemen were delayed in reaching LAX by massive gridlock, but the bomb squad appears to have arrived and are running a sweep through Terminal 3.

One TSA agent is dead and another is wounded. The shooter does not appear to have breached security and is in custody in an LA hospital

Conflicting reports indicate the shooter and the wounded TSA agent may have died from their wounds. UCLA Medical Center reports one patient from LAX is in critical condition and two are in fair condition. CNN confirms a TSA agent has been killed. The gunman is still in custody and no reports on his condition are available at this time.  The gunman’s identity has not been released but FBI agents reportedly have his fingerprints are running a deep background check.

All surveillance video is being pulled and reviewed. The gunman was reportedly wearing camo and concealed his gun until he reached the TSA checkpoint in Terminal 3.  He may have gotten through the checkpoint before he was wounded and arrested.

CNN indicates the shooter appears to have acted alone.


Initial Report:

There are reports of shots fired at LAX. Conflicting reports give reports of one or more than one shooter.  A CBS affiliate reported “a gunman with a high-powered rifle was shot and secured by law enforcement.”

CNN reports the disturbance occurred in terminal 3. The LA Fire Department called the incident a “multi-patient incident.”

This occurred within a secured area and an eye-witness calls the scene “mayhem.” He is not certain how the shooter got through security.

The witness indicates the witnesses and passengers were moved to terminal 2, while police and airport security moved off with guns drawn.

CNN reports there are evacuations going on using LAX buses but there seems to be no real urgency to the officials in loading passengers and moving the buses along. It appears at this time that the shooter or shooters has been neutralized and an investigation may now be underway.  Some flights are allowed to land at this time but business has slowed considerably and all traffic is being directed away from Terminal 3. There is a ground stop, meaning no flights are allowed to take off.

Deborah Ferris reports (preliminary) from an LAPD source that a shooter approached a check point in Terminal 3 and opened fire on a TSA agent. Multiple shots were fired, possibly from a rifle.  It is uncertain whether or not the shooter breached the check point but there are triage centers set up inside Terminal 3 to deal with multiple injuries. No target or motive is yet clear.


A shooter reportedly entered Terminal 3, approached a security checkpoint and shot a TSA agent. Police and airport security were able to wound the shooter and passengers and others in the terminal may have been wounded as well.  There are two confirmed shot, a TSA agent and the gunman.

Another witness told CNN that he heard a couple of popping noises and then saw a  ”stampede of people” running into bathrooms, screaming “get behind something.” This witness was near gate 30 which is close to the checkpoint at Terminal 3 where the shooting took place. Police ordered everyone to the floor, then returned and instructed everyone to run. The witness went across the street to the parking structure until police escorted him and others to the international terminal. This witness was about to board a flight to New York.

Police and airport security are currently searching the terminal to confirm whether or not the shooter was alone.


Some planes appear to be lining up to take off. Flights appear t be landing and flights on the other side of the terminal appear to be taking off.  Alaska Airlines and Virgin America planes normally use Terminal 3 and an Alaska Airlines flight was seen landing within the last five to eight minutes.

LA Times reports at least three people shot at LAX and the gunman is in custody. CNN confirmed a TSA agent was fired upon by a man who approached a security check point at Terminal 3. Police and airport security evacuated passengers and secured them in terminal 2 and told them no one was allowed to leave.  Witnesses report chaos when shots were heard.  Other airports have been out on alert.  There are multiple victims but no status updates available at this time. Many of the wounded appear to be ambulatory.

The President has been briefed by Homeland Security and  the WH Press Secretary  reported LAPD is taking the lead on the investigation and federal law enforcement will be keeping in touch.

FAA has grounded all flights out of LAX, and some flights are being allowed to land.

A press conference is scheduled for 11:30 am PST. The parking lots and structures around the terminal are being searched in an attempt to locate the shooters vehicle.

Some witnesses indicate the shooter shot one man then took entered the terminal. There are no confirmed reports as to whether or not the shooter was able to breach security.

CNN reports the gunman was wounded and has been taken to an area hospital in police custody.

Another witness indicated the shooter was screaming angrily in English but was unable to understand what he was saying.

By Brandi Tasby



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