Slaves for Thirty Years – Three Women Rescued

Slaves for Thirty Years – Three Women RescuedIn breaking news from London three women held captive for thirty years have been rescued. One of them was born in captivity. The women are all said to be deeply traumatised and are being looked after in a safe house. Police say they have never seen anything “of this magnitude before.”

A couple, both aged 67, were arrested today at Lambeth, South London, and are accused of imprisonment. Their three captives were an Irishwoman, aged 57, a Malaysian lady, 69, and the 30 year old believed to have spent her entire life in the house and to have had “no contact with the outside world.”

One of the woman manged to place a call to a charity Freedom, who promised to help them and immediately arranged for the police to intervene.  They said they were too frightened to leave of their own volition. They also said they had been held captive against their will and that they were in “massive danger.” All three are so badly traumatised that so far it has not been possible to interview them. It is conjectured that they have been victims of physical, emotional but possibly not, sexual, abuse. It is not known if they are related to each other at all.

Like so many of these cases it happened in “an ordinary house” in an “ordinary street” and neighbours had no idea what was going on.

By Kate Henderson

Daily Mail

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