Snow for the Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

Snow is expected for the Holiday travel. Airlines reacted in advance and are not charging change fees as a powerful storm hits the U.S. Texas is a mess, as in air travel. All this is coming right in front of Thanksgiving Holiday travel.

Predictions are such that the storm will come Tuesday morning to parts of the Mid-Atlantic, and by Wednesday the Northeast will be hit. American Airlines had to cancel 1,000 flights in Dallas at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport on Sunday and early Monday. Those seeking to be with family on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, had flights cancelled on Wednesday.

Four major airlines waived fees for changes of people’s flights. This occurred Monday evening. Delta did this for travelers going to 12 Atlantic destinations, including Boston and Washington, D.C. US Airways followed suit to more than 36 destinations in US and Canada, Philadelphia included. United and Jet Blue had waivers by Tuesday morning.

Weather predictions of wind, clouds and rain impose conditions not suitable for some of the major hubs in New York and Philadelphia. But when snow is added, this could further delay travelers right at the front of Holiday Travel. The Mid-Atlantic regions which lie interior and not coastal could receive snowfall and maybe even a foot of it. Other cities which may be affected but are more used to these conditions are Buffalo, Syracuse and Burlington, Vt.

Ice though, is predicted elsewhere in several states. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Western North Carolina and Western Virginia could see such conditions.

Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport, where Delta reigns and Charlotte, the hub for US Airways, will be closely watched for weather and travel conditions with updates given. Charlotte and Atlanta, so far are not included in the waivers.

Airports in the western United States are not expected to see weather conditions affect travel for Thanksgiving, unless they experience a ripple effect from the mid section or eastern areas. Wednesday is the biggest travel day of the year and airport travel is not the only transportation affected. People drive to family homes on Wednesday, too. Approximately 43 million Americans will travel and 3.1 million will fly. The mountains of Utah and Colorado already have a foot of snow and more of this could affect Holiday travel in more areas of the U.S.

It is estimated that 13 people have lost their lives in this winter storm and one such victim was a four year old girl. She died when the vehicle slid on an icy road and rolled over in New Mexico near Albuquerque.

Low clouds and strong winds, combined with a storm system coming down from the Great Lakes will make for a deadly combination, with the worst expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. All of this wind could lead to power outages in addition to delayed travel.

From California to Texas and now the South, the Northeast is next. Pennsylvania and the turnpike will have ice and snow. More than 100 wrecks and 13 lives have already been lost. Willie Nelson’s bus slid and wrecked in Texas, bad enough to send three people to the hospital. He was not aboard. This storm should be in New England by black Friday, leaving snow for the Holiday travel.

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