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Google Drive Top 5Google drive, formerly known as Google Docs, is a revolutionary online tool. Not only does it enable people to create spreadsheets, documents, and presentations with just a simple browser, but it also allows people to collaborate on the same documents online – at the same time. Over the years, google has added many features to make this amazing tool even more amazing.

In 2006, Google acquired the collaborative word processor, Writely, from software company Upstartle. Upstartle consisted of only 4 employees at the time of Google’s acquisition. By 2007, Google made the ingenious word processor available to Google Apps users.

While many entities swear by Google Drive, most google users probably have no clue about the immense power they have hidden in the tabs of their gmail home screen.

Here is a Top 5 list of the ways in which Google Drive can help you organize and collaborate your way to success.

1. Find a document by “Person” instead of document name

Google Drive’s best feature is in enabling users to share documents with each other in real-time. As you make a change, others can see it. As your number of documents increase, you may completely forget a document’s name. However, you may remember exactly who its shared with. In this case, Google Drive spares you the hassle of scrolling through your long list of documents. Simply enter the person’s name in the Shared with Me link and allow Google to retrieve all the documents shared between you and that person.

2. Save attachments from your Gmail directly into Google Drive

This is a brand new feature made available just a few weeks ago. Prior to the update, you had to download attachments and save them on your computer to view them. After the Nov. 11 update, you can save your gmail attachments directly into a folder in Google Drive. Saving in Google Drive now makes your attachments accessible from any computer!

3. Document chats are saved within document

Google Drive enables collaborators to chat while they are working on a document together. In addition, Google will save the conversation within the document so that you can access your conversation whenever you open the document.

4. To  search sources while working on your document, use nifty research pane

When you need to cite sources as you work your document, opening a new tab or window can be a hassle. However, Google Drive offers a convenient alternative with its research pane. Simply find  Tools > Research in the menu options to open the pane within the document. Here you can access tools to help you cite content easily. You can also drag-and-drop images from the pane directly into your document.

5. Design your own Google Form

Google Drive enables you to create your own surveys to suit any need. This a powerful data collecting tool. Spreadsheets can be turned into forms or you can use the Create > Form option. You can even add progress bars and YouTube videos to customize your Google Form.

As demonstrated by the above mentioned Top 5, Google Drive has taken the concept of “document sharing” to a whole new level.

By Fatema Biviji




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  1. moline   December 1, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    My comment I think she should 18 in stay 13

  2. Fatema Biviji   November 29, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Hi Yolanda, thanks for your question!

    According to Google’s website, a user in the United States has to be 13 or older.

  3. yolanda cunningham   November 29, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Is there an age limit for google gmail users


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