Sriracha Hot Sauce-Top Five Ways to Turn up the Holiday Heat


As news spreads of the sriracha hot sauce factory partially closing, any mention of the blazing condiment makes foodies’ mouths water. While concerns run high that the factory in Irwindale California might be driven away permanently, causing a loss of jobs, some neighbors in the town rallied for the company, telling reporters the smell doesn’t bother them very much at all. Surprising, since it was the community that originally brought a lawsuit against the Huy Fong factory. In that lawsuit, neighbors described “terrible odors” emanating from the facility. The odors, they said, were so strong that community members were suffering symptoms like headaches, burning in the throat and eyes; and nausea. Now, a judge has ordered the factory to get a better odor abatement system or close down. While the town tells it to the judge and the legal matters get sorted out, in the spirit of the holiday season and as homage to the beloved sriracha hot sauce, here are five easy ways to turn up the holiday heat.

-Add a dab of sriracha to hot chocolate after your holiday meal. That’s right! Spicy hot chocolate is the perfect way to fight off the bone-chilling weather. Just put a tiny drop in the bottom of your mug, add the hot chocolate, and stir well. This cozy drink will keep you warm for hours.

1. Hectic holiday shopping got you down? Boil up some ramen and sriracha. Ramen noodles are the cheapest, fastest path to a satisfying meal. Boil two cups of water, add the ramen and stir. Cook for two minutes, then turn off the heat, crack an egg into the pot and cover tightly. Let sit for five minutes. Remove the cover and stir the egg into the soup (it will be soft boiled.) Top with sriracha to taste.

2. Surprise your guests with sriracha turkey. A little bit of this lovely red sauce goes a long way. Give your turkey a major kick by spicing it up with sriracha. Add a large dollop of sriracha to the juice in the pan of your cooking turkey, then baste away. When the turkey is done, use all the drippings to make a rich and spicy gravy. Yum!

3. Decorate the tree with sriracha candy canes. Yes, sriracha candy canes. They’re selling them all over the internet. If you’ve got a kid who loves spice, they’ll enjoy these tingly treats.

4. Be a hit at the holiday party with sriracha deviled eggs. This one is easy. Just add sriracha to your favorite deviled egg recipe and your guests will be fighting over the last one. In fact, you might need to double your normal recipe!

5. Sriracha mayonnaise goes with everything. Really, It does. Mix some sriracha into mayonnaise and you’ve got a delicious dipping sauce, a perfect sandwich condiment, a beautiful burger topping and a lovely way to make grilled cheese (brush the bread with the sriracha/mayo mix before grilling.)

Sriracha hot sauce is an incredibly versatile and healthy condiment. Are there more than five ways to turn up the holiday heat? Write in with your ideas below. Happy holidays!

By: Rebecca Savastio


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  1. Mary Kay Love   November 27, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I need those candy canes!!!


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