The Best Man Holiday is The Best Holiday Movie Yet

the best man holiday

The Best Man Holiday is the best holiday movie yet!  You may ask why, and the reason is these stars put all their brilliance into alignment and they truly shine.  At the  American Black Film Festival, Malcolm Lee, the director of the movie, said the actor’s performances “will blow your mind” and “touch your soul.”

“With sequels, they’re tough because people have such high expectations,”….and the second one can sometimes be up in the air.  We knew it would do as well, if not better “because we’ve all grown as artists and as people, and they’re better actors than they were.”

The Best Man Holiday is going to be a holiday classic, not only for its stellar cast, but because it has all the comedic elements necessary for a fun romp in the snow.

The first 1999 comedy The Best Man was a humble affair, and wound up with a $34 million box office total.  The cast, along with some fresh faces, are back for more comedy fun.  The original film’s reputation and the lack of competition will make the film, which Universal spent $17 million to produce, a moviegoers’ choice. Universal has done a great job of promoting film and says the film is drawing strong interest from its female audiences. The studio hoped for the best on its opening on Thursday, estimating figures around $21 million for the weekend.

Lee, The Best Man Holiday writer-director, found it difficult to get his sequel financially set through traditional channels. The heartbreaking nature of the story-line, which was far from the happy-go-lucky tale distributors were expecting, didn’t help his cause.  The reviewer will not reveal any spoilers, so the movie-goer will have to judge for themselves how “real” this movie keeps the tradition of holidays and their reunions.

The Dr. Oz Show, on November 15th, featured the cast of The Best Man Holiday.  Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut and the rest of the cast opened up to Oz and told him about the health and relationship issues they make every day so you can keep from making the same mistakes.  The movie itself is an instructional booklet on what not to do, and by the end, of what to do.

The sequel starts out with a lot of fun, humor and family Christmas traditions.  The group of friends get together to celebrate Christmas at a professional football player and his wife and children’s home.  It’s a beautiful Mcmansion in New Jersey.  Terrence Howard plays an excellent playboy, Taye Diggs a broke writer, and Nia Long’s character is Taye’s former lover.  Add a spicy blonde “Housewife of New Jersey” and a past stripper, and you have all sorts of fun.  The children cast in the movie were adorable.

After several hilarious scenes, leading up to the “boys” dressed in shiny holiday jackets and lip-syncing a Boyz to Men song, the movie recedes into a more somber line of thought.  One of their group is dealing with the challenge of her lifetime.  Without ruining the movie, let us just say that it gets as real as a holiday movie can get.  The Best Man Holiday is simply the best movie yet.


By Lisa M Pickering


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