The Simpsons Sold to Cable Channel FXX

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Fox was looking to keep The Simpsons all in the family and it appears they have succeeded. 21st Century Fox reached a deal, reportedly worth up to $1 billion with Fox and cable network FXX to acquire the rights to broadcast all 533 episodes. NewsCorp has been cleaning house to the up the appeal of its network and it seems they are well on their way. The Simpsons will continue to air on network television as part of their contract, but each episode will also be seen on FXX and rumors suggest the show will not be getting the ax anytime soon.

Someone's been busy!
Someone’s been busy!

What is FXX?

FXX is owned by none other than NewsCorp which is a subsidiary of powerhouse player, 21st Century Fox. The channel is intended to provide a gateway of entertaining factors for young males from the age of 18 and up. The network is slightly over three months old and is looking to create a dedicated and tuned in fanbase. The way to bolster views was to bring in names that would work to turn the channel and keep it on. In addition, FXX has a streaming channel called FXNOW which will also air upcoming shows.

The Simpsons is a huge acquisition for a young channel and sources close to the deal state the competition was heady for those rights. Shows like Wilfred, Legit and the Da Ali G Show will be airing on FXX in 2014. The Simpsons is slated to arrive in August of 2014. The only downside to viewers? Many cable companies have not caught up to the fact FXX should be considered a basic channel. The companies may bundle this as a specialty package that may create issues later.

The Simpsons- Here to Stay

Once 21st Century Fox put out the mating call for the off network syndication, big channels came calling. TBS, Comedy Central, TV Land and Spike were some of the names in the ring of the bidding war. The Simpsons is the longest running network television show. With 533 episodes and growing, the show is closing in in the midst of its 25th season with Fox. Since the station has penned the show for the 26th season, no word is forthcoming what happens once the 26th season comes to a close.

Many are pondering if FXX will eventually harness the prowess of this phenom going forward. If they do manage to take up from the 27th and on, The Simpsons will see fame unlike before. New generations are starting to tune into the show, continually growing the diverse fanbase. Many, like this writer grew up with The Simpsons. Unlike other shows that have splattered after a movie release or re-created child characters into adult ones, The Simpsons writers keep things simple, continually driving demand.

Long Live The Simpsons

The Simpsons Sold to Cable Channel FXXEntering the 25th year on television with phrases like “D’oh,” “Don’t have a cow, man!” and endless prank concepts like Ben Over – The Simpsons is here to stay. Many fans are thrilled with the cult classic moving onto a cable channel. Only time will determine if FXX will pick up additional seasons once the 26th comes to a close. If the network indeed formulates The Simpsons, could the dynamic of the show change for the better or potentially for the worse? For now, The Simpsons has been sold to the highest bidder for one of the largest syndicated acquisitions in television history. Have something to say on this story? Comment below.





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