Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars

Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars

Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars

Justin Bieber, his Argentina attitude and his brush with sex stars has enabled the Canadian pop star to make the headlines yet again while on the South American leg of his world tour. Justin’s behaviour in Brazil consisted of visiting brothels; spray painting graffiti on a hotel wall and storming off stage after being hit by a bottle toward the end of his Rio de Janeiro concert.

Since his arrival in Argentina, he has come down with “food poisoning,” and mopped the stage he was singing on with the national flag of the country he was performing in. Video’s have shown up on YouTube showing the tween fans of Argentina who were in hysterics when the star did not complete his November 10 concert due to illness caused by dodgy food.

Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars
Tween angst as they realise that their idol will not be finishing his November 10 concert.

The 19 year-old singer tweeted apologies to his fans along with an Instagram selfie of himself being treated with an intravenous drip for food poisoning. He also tweeted an explanation about the flag incident.

Bieber said that when the flag was thrown on stage during his concert – will fans never learn, Justin has said repeatedly not to throw things – he saw a bra and what he took to be a t-shirt. Never mind that the owner of the shirt must have been the size of King Kong. The pop star swore that he would never have desecrated the Argentina flag by rubbing it on the floor, had he realized.

It has also been revealed that Justin Bieber`s concert equipment was impounded in Argentina after a photographer alleged that he had been beaten up by one of his bodyguards. Local judge Maria Giraudi ordered that the equipment be held after the victim, Diego Pesoa filed for damages. The photographer claims that bodyguards hit him and caused damage to his personal equipment when Justin was exiting a Buenos Aires nightclub called Ink.

In a case of “deja vue” Diego said that the bodyguards acted after Bieber ordered them to beat him up before getting into his van. According to a legal source in the country, Bieber’s concert equipment; which includes costumes, lighting and audio equipment have been impounded at Ezeiza International Airport for 30 days.

Justin has not tweeted any sort of explanation to his fans concerning the assault and equipment damaging charges. Nor has the teen singer tweeted anything about his “night of passion” with a professional porn star. Bieber’s Argentina antics show that his attitude has not changed in regards to his behaviour. Of course having sex stars on the menu did not do much encourage the singer to walk the straight and narrow. Although his exposure to the porn star did take place in Brazil and not Argentina.

Justin Bieber Argentina Attitude and Sex Stars
Of course this had nothing to do with his encounter with porn star Tati Neves.

The porn star; named Tati Neves, was the woman who shared Bieber’s Brazilian hotel room and much more according to her. She is the unidentified woman who took a video of Justin sleeping on his couch and a couple of snapshots. Apparently this makes her the woman who the singer paid $500 to spend the night with him.

Now that Tati has “come clean” as it were, she is releasing an old pornographic film that she starred in before meeting Bieber. The sex tape is already being touted on websites that cater to that sort of thing. With the promotional catch being along the lines of “See Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Girlfriend in XXX Action.”

Justin may not have his own footage of his dalliance with the South American porn star, but that has not stopped her from trying to turn her one night stand with the teen pop star into a cash earning venture. One that will could be over and above the alleged $500 that she got for the night.

Justin Bieber’s Argentina attitude and his cavorting with sex stars (we are assuming that there had to be more than one) has insured that he continues to make headlines. It looks like no matter which country the singer is in, he keeps getting breaks from law enforcement officials. It will be interesting to see what he will do to top his South American antics.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. Oh, to be young again! I fantasized about things when I was his age that he is doing. And I don’t believe he should give a hoot about what anyone says. I’m old enough to remember when rock stars routinely acted up, especially while on tour. It came with the fame. Good luck kid! Whoever you are.

  2. I believe that he is probably doing the same things I always fantasized about doing when I was that age. Jealousy is the only emotion I’m experiencing. Oh, to be young again!

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