Bat Kid Saves the Day in ‘Gotham’ San Francisco

Bat Kid Saves the Day in 'Gotham' San Francisco
Have you ever wished that even just for a day you could be a super hero? Is there a certain super hero you have in mind that you would want to be? Well 5 year old Miles Scott’s dreams became a reality. This is a very special 5 year old who was diagnosed with leukemia. With the help of Make A Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco, Miles was able to become Batkid. Can you imagine the look on his face when he realized his dream was about to become his reality?
But how did become a super hero? Miles dressed in a Batman costume and defeated the evil doings of the Penguin and Riddler. Miles also did some good deeds in solving “crimes” across the city. This 5 year old attracted the attention from the entire country. There was also an unsuspected response from President Barack Obama. President Obama stated; “Way to go, Miles! Way to save Gotham!”
The public cheered little Miles on and supported him by creating signs. Some of the signs read ‘Thank you Bat kid!’ and ‘Our Hero Bat kid’. When you are that young you truly believe you can stop the forces of evil. In the public’s eyes he was just a sick little boy who had one wish, to become a super hero. But in Miles’ eyes, he was a super hero. In Miles’ eyes he was defeated real evil and solving real crimes. He being a super hero was as real as the oxygen we breathe; at least to him.
So many kids have their hearts set on what they want to be when they grow up. But there are so many skeptics out there that crush their dreams with their ‘reality’. If you are a parent trying to put some reality in your child’s dreams, just think of Miles being your son. What if he wanted to be a super hero? Are you just going to tell him that it is an impossibility? Would you tell him to get a grip and grasp on to reality? Super heroes are many children’s reality. Many super heroes are great role models for kids and it will give kids a perspective of how they should behave as an adult.
Every kid needs an ‘escape from reality’ place they can go to. Sure some of you are thinking ‘well how bad can kids have it really?’ Unless you know every single kid personally, don’t assume their life is care free without any stress. Just take a look at the kids you walk by while going to work or while you are shopping. Some may be living from foster care to foster care. Some may be abused at home or their parents might be going through a divorce. Remember that wise old saying children are taught when they are young to not judge a book by its cover?
Well this doesn’t just apply to kids. That saying applies to adults considering many are just plain judgmental of even children. So remember, kids do need an ‘escape from reality’ place for when they are feeling down. Don’t crush a child’s dream just because you think they should be more ‘realistic’. Let them have their childhood.

By Anjulina MaComber

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