The Voice Live Eliminations November 26 (Review)

The Voice Live Eliminations November 26, 2013

Tonight on The Voice there will be a double elimination at the end of the episode, and the Top 8 will be cut down to the Final 6! First, Carson Daly, the host, will introduce the remaining competitors and the mentors/coaches on The Voice; then, he will announce five of the names of the remaining competitors who America has voted to save for another week. Oh, and Ellie Goulding will perform tonight, also!

At the end of this episode of The Voice, the three competitors who have the lowest votes will take the stage. Then, Carson will say the name of the one of the three who America has voted safe until the next round. After that, there will be a five-minute period of time when America can tweet for their favorite performer of the bottom two, The one who receives the most tweets, will be “Instantly Saved” and gets to move on,while the other one must go home.

Ellie Goulding took the stage, joined by Will Champlin, Matthew Schuler, and James Wolpert. They sang “Burn” and gave a tremendous performance! It was really great! The audience cheered and applauded loudly when they finished the song.

Up next on The Voice, Carson spoke to the coaches about their teams and the performances their team members gave last night. They all said how difficult and devastating it will be to see any of their team members go.

Carson congratulated Blake because Daniele Bradberry, who he coached last season, now has the Number One country album in the country.

Next, Carson had the Top 8 brought onstage, and he asked Tessanne how Adam had been like as a coach.

“I adore you and hold you in the utmost regard,” Tessanne said of Adam.

Carson: “I hold here the name of the first person who America saved who will move on. America saved — from Team Adam — Will Champlin!” Wow! He’s a great singer and a great guy — congratulations, Will! When The Voice comes back from break, Carson said that the Top 8 will take the stage to perform together.

Carson spoke with Ellie a little bit after the break. She told him that she “never had a singing lesson, never.” She said that the contestants who sang with her were “so good.”

The Voice Ellie Goulding November 26, 2013

Then, the Top 8 sang “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” for Thanksgiving. It began a capela and then, Matthew took over the first bit of the song, then Jacquie, Ray, Will, and Caroline. It was such a beautiful rendition of this awesome gospel song! Jacquie, Will, Ray, Cole, Tessanne, James, Matthew, Caroline — the entire Top 8 all gave it all they had with this song.

“Carson: “Nice job, everybody!” he said. Matthew, how has Christina’s coaching shaped you as an artist so far?”

Matthew: “It’s been amazing working under you. You have so much passion. It’s been a blessing working under you.”

Carson then read the next competitor’s name who America saved. “America has saved — from Team Blake — Cole Vosbury! You will move on to next week’s Live Show!”

Carson will read the names of just three more competitors before the conclusion of this episode of The Voice, when he will then mention who were the bottom three of the 8. first, there are more commercials…of course.

Carson said that the celebrities at the top of a poll about who America would want to be sitting with them at their Thanksgiving table were Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, beating out the Obamas and others!  The Voice Big Gipp November 26, 2013

Next, Cee Lo Green reunited with Big Gipp to sing “Right Girl (I think that’s the name of the song, anyway).” Cee Lo was really bringin’ it tonight! He nailed the song, and Big Gipp did great, also! It was a pretty impressive performance.

Next up, there was the Confessions part of the episode. Blake mentioned wild Internet “theories,” like that Cee Lo was “blind.” Then they tried to do impressions of the mentors. Adam was pretty good. Blake even put on a false beard, I suppose to somewhat resemble Cole Vosbury.

Carson: “America saved — from Team Christina — Jacquie Lee!” Woo-Hoo! “You’re moving on to next week’s live show!” he added. Christina stood up and went over to give Jacquie Lee a big hug. Christina seems like she’s a very nice and cool person who genuinely cares about the people on her team (as do all of the mentors, really).

Carson: “And now, some exciting news — Ryan Tedder will be working with the performers of The Voice to write original songs, one of which will later be performed on The Voice.”

Next, the Top 8 competitors took the stage to sing “Too Late.” They were, again, totally amazing! The audience had their arms up in the air, waving them, and they screamed at different points during the song. Then, James Wolpert started dancing around and singing, the, Matthew and Cole did, as well. Tessanne sang a part — the had changed the song to “We’re Going Down (All the Right Moves).”

Carson: “I will announce two more artists saved by America’s votes. America saved — from Team Adam — Tessanne Chin! There are four remaining artists on stage. America also saved — James Wolpert! That leaves Matthew, Ray Boudreaux, and Caroline.”

Whoever gets the most tweets of these three will move on!These are all such great singers! Christina said to America to give Matthew one more chance. Cee Lo made his case for Caroline, and Blake did the same for Ray. Which of these three will America’s teets save? Which two will have to, unfortunately, go home? Whic of these three will be “Instantly Saved” by America?

Adam: “I’m surprised America didn’t save Matthew. The performance of ‘Hallelujah’ touched me in a profound way.”

Carson: “One of you was saved by America’s tweets, and the other two will unfortunately be going home. America ‘Instantly Saved’ — Matthew Schuler!”

There you have it, America! This episode of The Voice began with their being 8 competitors left, and it ended with their only being 6! The competitors left in the competition who will move on are Will Champlin, Cole Vosbury, Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee, James Wolpert, and Matthew Schuler. They are all fantastic performers, but I will admit that I’m also sad to see Caroline Pennell and Ray Boudreaux be sent home.

I’m glad that I didn’t have to make the decision, as all of the Top 8 were amazing performers. Did your top favorites make it this week, or did one or both get sent home? Please leave your comments below, and tune in with me next week to watch The Voice!

Written by: Douglas Cobb