The Voice Live Top 8 Performances November 25 (Reviews & Videos))

The Voice Carloine Pennell November 25, 2013

On The Voice tonight, it’s down to the Top 8! America will vote after this episode, and one of the remaining competitors will be sent home at the start of tomorrow night’s show. First, Carson Daly will announce the names of the five who got the most votes who will move on to next week. The bottom three will be announced by Carson at the end of the episode, then he will announce that one is moving on to next week. The fate of the other two will be  determined by America’s tweets. The one who gets the most tweets will be “Instantly Saved” by America’s votes. The Top 8 competitors are singing for their musical lives tonight on The Voice — who will stay, and who will go?

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the show as usual by introducing the mentors/coaches and the remaining 8 competitors. The Top 8 stood with Carson on the stage, as he introduced them. Then, Carson introduced Robin Thicke, singing his latest hit, “Feel Good.”

He began the song playing on the piano as he sang. That’s a big change from how he’s usually been pictured lately, singing “Blurred Lines.” This new song of his, IMHO, sounded pretty good — the audience clapped along as he sang. Then, Robin stood up, on top of the piano, in front of the audience, to sing the rest of the song.

When The Voice comes back from its first commercial break, Carson said that James Wolpert will sing the Queen song, “Somebody to Love,” for Team Adam. Tessanne said that before she goes on stage, she “has to hold onto James’ hand for strength.”

Lord, James has a powerful voice — he said that his girlfriend did the arrangement for it when he was in college, singing it a capella. He did great in the rehearsals. He freakin’ did great LIVE, also! The backup singers behind him also rocked! James sounded quite a bit like Freddie Mercury — he had the audience screaming the entire time as he sang! He WILL be voted on, there’s no doubt of that, after this kick-ass performance — it was totally amazing!

Everyone in the audience was standing up the entire time, and then gave him a standing ovation! enough exclamation marks for you? The performance warrants it!

Adam: “You could sing in Queen. You could go out there and hold your own. You owned this entire place. You blew me away in rehearsals — this was 50 times more amazing!”

Blake: “It was incredible, dynamic – maybe the best I’ve heard you sing so far!”

Christina: “You should feel proud! That was so very special!” Cee Lo: “I’m quite the Queen fan as well. You did such a great job! Your timing was impeccable.” Wow! What a great way to start this episode of The Voice! If the rest is nearly as good, this will be a very entertaining episode, indeed.

Carson introduced Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin. She will be singing “Underneath It All” by No Doubt. She sounded great during rehearsals, definitely making it her own version, but a very good, Reggae influenced one.

Tessanne also had the audience clapping along right from the start of the song. She has a sweet, melodic voice, and a very powerful one. When she walked towards the audience, who had their arms outstretched, they cheered and screamed. She was gettin’ down with her bad self, clearly getting into the song as she sang it.  She hit some pretty high notes toward the end of the tune, also.

Adam: “It’s just such an amazing moment for you! It was just so tayler-made for you. I’m so overjoyed we could find a way to tie America to Jamaica in such a beautiful way.”

Cee Lo: “I’ve been to Kingston, and Port Anton. You are the immense beauty born out of that place.”

Christina: “I finally heard what I’ve been searching for. This is the first time that I heard you really break it down, and tap into the truth, and into your roots.”

According to Carson Daly, Caroline Pennell, 17, from Team Cee Lo, will be the next one to sing on The Voice, right after the commercial break. She will be singing “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine. It is a song I think will be perfect for her. She’s one of my favorite singers on The Voice.

“I never performed something like this on the show. If there was ever a time, it’s right now,” Caroline said to Cee Lo during rehearsals. Cee Lo wants her to “deliver it in an epic fashion.”

I could feel goosebumps as she began to sing. The audience clapped along as she sang. When she hit the chorus and unleashed the full power of her voice, the audience began screaming and cheering. They were waving their arms in the air as Caroline belted the song out.

She rocked it! She must move on, also. But, who the heck will be st home? I can’t see how any of them so far should be voted out of the competition. Cee Lo wrote her a very sweet poem, and said “you won my heart.”

Adam: “Caroline, this was such an important thing. This was the moment. I think you did it really well. You did the best thing you could possibly do at this moment, challenging yourself.”

Carson said that after the next commercial break, Cole Vosbury will be singing “I Still Believe in You.” He’s damn good, too — arrgh — I am sure I won’t like it if anyone who is left is sent home, but that’s exactly what will happen.

Back from the break, Carson and Robin were together, and Robin answered questions from people who had tweeted in. Then, Carson asked Robin how he was doing — Robin said that it was right after he performed “Blurred Lines,” on The Voice that it began to be very successful.

Then, Teesanne, Will Champlin, Cole Vosbury and Ray Boudreaux performed “One Day.” It was very, very, very cool. Oh, yeah — the audience clapped along as they sang; each one did awesome singing their parts. None of them seemed out-of-place at all — they harmonized very well together singing this Reggae song. How about ending the season right now, and calling it an 8-way tie? Like that’s going to happen….

Apparently, as Carson just said, it will be after the next break that’s the new next break that’s going to happen right now that Cole will be singing. Oh, well…watching The Voice keeps me off the streets, anyway.

Team Blake’s first performer of the night is on next — Cole Vosbury. Blake took him to the Tonight Show, where he met Jay Leno. Cole said he’s always dreamed about meeting Jay Leno. Cole will be singing the Vince Gill song, “I Still Believe in You.”

Cole was incredible! He sang the song with so much heart-felt emotion in his voice. The audience erupted in cheers as he sang. He played hte guitar, while other musicians behind him played violins. It was great — his voice soared on the higher notes of the song. He kicked ass, in all honesty. The audience applauded enthusiastically  when he finished.

Blake: “Be careful where you’re steppin’ ’cause his heart is on the stage, right now. You’re a lock to be here for awhile. There’s nobody else who sounds quite like you, Cole.”

Christina: “You guys are so invested! I’m going to take a pause and just love you guys. Blake was on the edge of his seat, and I was, as well. I heard something special tonight. Your voice shone so very brightly on that song.”

Carson: “Straight ahead, Matthew Schuler  will be singing ‘It’s Time’ by Imagine Dragons!” Matthew is from Team Christina. He has an amazing voice, and there’s no way he can be sent home, either — yet, two people will no longer be moving on, after tomorrow’s episode of The Voice.

Christina had her choreographer, who is also the one with The Voice, work with him. There will be people behind him, stomping their feet in time with the beat of the song.

It was another amazing performance! Matthew really got into singing the song, and he had the young women in the audience screaming for him. He wore a pretty cool brown leather vest as he sang. You could tell he was putting all of his heart and soul into the song. He nailed it!

Carson: “Nice job, man!”

Christina: “You come from a place of integrity. You just wanted to speak your truth. You’re you at the end of the day; you’re Matthew. I wanted to embody the sense of urgency you sing with. It’s a song of freedom.”

Cee Lo: “The sentiment of the song is something I support and believe in. You did a damn good job, Matthew.”

Caroline, Jacquie Lee, James Wolpert, and Matthew Schuler next sang the song “I’ll Love You Better Now”  by Ed Sheeran. They were all   seated as they sang. It sounded fantastic! The audience screamed at various points in the song.

Carson said that Will Champlin will be the next singer from Team Adam. “It’s very important for me to make Coach Adam proud,” Will said.

He will take on his first classic tonight, “At Last” by Etta James. He sounded really, really great during the rehearsals — how will he do in the LIVE performance? AMAZING, that’s how he will do — Will’s voice hit all of the high notes, all the low notes, and all the ones in-between beautifully — the audience screamed here and there during his performance.

It wasn’t a rock song, but he ROCKED it, in a very good way. He even hit the uber-high notes toward the end of the song! Carson: “Nice job, Will!” The audience was still loudly applauding and cheering his performance.

Adam: “It doesn’t matter how high a note is; he wants to go higher.You’re striving, and you just want to hit the highest possible note in the history of music. I just love it.”

Christina: “I know that song — I eat, sleep, and breath that song. And I just have to say, that was an incredible job, Will. You sang your heart out.”

Carson: “Next on The Voice will be Ray Boudreaux, singing “Gimme Some Lovin’.”

Blake also took Ray with him to see Jay Leno. It was pretty cool seeing him with Cole, talking to Jay. Ray said he wants to show America he “has the chops to execute this song.”

Ray did a great version of this song, bringing forth his inner bluesman. He put that raspy, swampy sound into the song, reminding me of The Blues Brothers movie He stopped in the middle of the song, to ask the audience how they were doing tonight — then, he continued right where he left off, perfectly.

Blake: “What the — Ray has got some style, now — he’s got some swag — just like Robert Palmer up there! You went for the bigger notes, and it was just unbelievable, man!”

Christina: ” Wow!” she said to Blake, “You learned what the word ‘swag’ means. I loved the whole thing, it was a great performance.” Cee Lo: “That was a great song choice from Blake — I was surprised — I’m such a fan of yours.”

Carson: “The youngest in the competition, Jacquie Lee, 16, will perform next on The Voice!”

The last performer of the night, Jacquie Lee, is from Team Christina. She will be singing a song by the Jackson 5, “Who’s Lovin’ You Now.” Christina’s choreographer also helped Jacquie to find her “inner confidence.”

Jacquie started off the song with high, uber high notes, that echoed in the theater! She was super super super good! She opened up her box of vocal tools, pulled out every one, and used them to perfection tongiht with her performance. Christina was loving it — the entire audience also was — she was freakin’ amazing! Hitting that wavering high note at the end was super uber cool!

Christina: “I love you so much, Jacquie! You’re a complex person. I wanted you to get up on the stage and simply sing. And you did it, and then some, and then some, and then some!”

Adam: “Damn! To be able to convey all of that heartbreak at such a young age — more power to you!”

Blake: “You were full of energy, and dynamics! You parted somebody’s hair down there with your singing!”

Cee Lo: “It was just crazy — like you swallowed an old lady or something.”

Carson announced that voting was officially open. Vote for your favorites, America; vote now! But, they’re all so good – remember that as you’re voting — they’ve all become my favorites, so I’m glad I won’t be voting, because I honestly don’t want to send any of the remaining competitors home!

That was the end of this episode of The Voice — it started off with a musical bang, with James Wolpert singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” and it ended with another awesome performance, Jacquie Lee singing Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You Now,” and there were ONLY great songs sang to perfection throughout! So, who will you vote for, America? Who will be the next two competitors to be sent home this season on The Voice? Who will you tweet for, to save? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out, then please read my recap/review of it here!

Written by: Douglas Cobb