The Walking Dead Dead Weight November 24 (Review)

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7

Tonight, The Walking Dead episode is called Dead Weight. It’s the seventh episode of the season, and the penultimate one –just one more left, Walking Dead fans! Caesar Martinez, who was one of the Governor’s faithful followers, has his own band of followers now, and the Governor becomes one of them — for the time being, anyway.

This is another episode featuring the Governor (David Morrissey), who in last week’s episode, Live Bait, was shown leaving behind his old life at Woodbury and burning the whole place down to the ground. He took up a new life, and grew his hair and beard long, before he fell in with a fatherless family who took him in and fed him and cared for him. The Governor kicked royal butt, putting walkers out of commision using his bare hands, towards the end of the episode, as he tried to protect the youngest daughter of the family, Megan.

In this episode of The Walking Dead, we see the Governor playing chess with Megan, as he’s also putting up a clothesline to dry laundry. He was teaching her the rudiments of the game in the last episode, telling her what pawns were — he’s made use of many human pawns before, in his past.

We see via a flashback how Martinez let him out of the trench/pit where the Governor had been laying waste to zombies right and left with his bare hands, under the condition that the Governor would accept Martinez as his leader, and if he would help prevent anyone from becoming “dead weight.”

Megan wonders if the reason why they had remained alive so far was because they were not among the “bad” people. The Governor, still known as Brian to Megan, her sister Tara, and their mother, Lilly, finds the tank that the group he’s fallen in with very interesting.

Back in the present, the Governor takes part in a supply run with Martinez and others among the group he’s now a new member of, and Lilly (being a nurse in her past, pre-apocalyptic life) treats a young female Marine, Alicia, for her wounds.

The Governor, Martinez, and company stumble across several dead corpses. The bodies are labeled “murderer” “rapist” and “liar.” They puzzle about who could have done this, and why, as they make their way to an abandoned house in search of supplies. Inside, what they find are a horde of zombies they have to fight to escape  with their lives.

After the group destroy the walkers, the Governor learns where the tank came from. Two other members of Martinez’ band, Mitch (Kirk Acevedo, who was in Fringe) and his brother Pete (Enver Gjokaj, who starred in The Avengers), mention that they used to be in the Army.

The following day, Martinez shares dinner with the Governor and his new family, and doesn’t let on he knows anything about the Governor’s past life, until he gives the Governor a compliment. He and the Governor shoot a few golf balls from the roof of an RV, and then — the old Governor takes over the reins, and he kills Martinez and tosses him into the trench/pit of walkers! Yikes!

Then, the next morning, Pete and Mitch lead a meeting with the rest of Martinez’ old group of followers, and talk to them about their former leader’s death. Pete takes over as the temporary leader. There are some people who grumble, saying that they should be allowed to vote on the matter.

Pete, Mitch, and the Governor go on a hunting expedition, and they encounter another group of survivors. Pete and the others contemplate robbing the group for their supplies, but they don’t — Peter refuses to do such a thing. A bit later, though, in the episode, they learn that another group has killed them, and stole their supplies.

The Governor seems to think it might be time to move on, because he tells his new family to pack up their stuff. Then, though, he takes to the road, and comes across another trench/pit that’s filled with yet more walkers.

In the morning, the old Governor is again back in control, as he makes his way up the ladder to assume leadership of the group he’s in by entering Pete’s trailer to stab him to death. He’s back to being his old, ruthless self. Then, he goes into Mitch’s trailer, this time with a gun.

The Governor lets Mitch smoke a cigarette — he’s all heart — and he relates that his brother had taken a beating over cigarettes from their dad when he was younger. His brother had taken responsibility for the incident, to protect his brother from getting a beating, also.

The Governor allows Mitch to live — for now, anyway. The Governor disposes of Pete’s body the following morning, and Mitch says he’ll tell everyone that Pete died while they were on a supply run.

Later in the episode, Mitch and the Governor tell the group that they shouldn’t have anything to do with strangers. Lilly wants to perhaps find a better place for them all to live in the future.

We see Megan and Tara playing hide-and-seek with each other, until they come across a walker who has been hidden from their sight among all of the clothes hanging from the clotheslines. The Governor manages to kill the walker before it can harm the young girls.

Then, we see the Governor staring at Pete’s corpse, now suspended beneath the surface of the lake that’s nearby. He’s a walker now, but he’s trapped there.

After this scene, the Governor journeys to the prison complex on his own. He checks out Rick and Carl, and then spots Michonne and Hershel outside the gates of the prison. He’s ready to shot Michonne, before she can have the chance to kill him.

That’s the end of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. We have now been brought back, full circle, to where the Governor was first seen spying on the survivors within the prison. At that time, I and many other people thought he was about to storm into the prison at any time, and attempt to take the place over, perhaps killing everyone he met that he believed had foiled his plans at Woodbury.

But then, in last week’s episode, Live Bait, I and other viewers began to wonder if the Governor had perhaps really changed, becoming a kinder, gentler version of himself, leaving his old life behind him.

Yeah, right — the Governor lives to be in control, and it was only a matter of time before he decided to again become the leader of a group and seek revenge. Just like Tiggers “bounce” best, the Governor seeks “bloody vengeance” best –that’s his nature, it seems.  He’s back to being how he was at the end of the finale to season three, Welcome to the Tombs.

But now, the Governor also has…control of a tank. Unless I seriously miss my guess, I have little doubt that the Governor also plans to use the tank, in the season finale next week, Too Far Gone.

What did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead? Do you think that the Governor will use the tank against Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and the others inside the prison? Please leave your comments below, and until next Sunday, the last episode of the season, have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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