The Walking Dead Live Bait November 17 (Review)

The Walking Dead the Governor Returns

The Walking Dead Live Bait episode opens up with the Governor (David Morrissey) back in business. He’s shown first at a camp fire, at night, with a zombie approaching. Someone fires at the zombie after it catches on fire. Then, we see the Governor the next morning in a pup tent, and then again, in a flashback of Woodbury burning down, when the Governor has decided to destroy everything that he’s ever built.

This episode is going to be one about what the Governor did in the interim, before he decided to see what Rick Grimes’ group was up to at the prison. This will be, apparently, a flashback episode to fill us in on what’s been going on in the Governor’s life since we last saw him.

The Governor enters a house and a girl points a gun at him — who is the girl?

Terra (the girl): “You look like you barely got out alive.”

“Are you planning on staying in the building?” Terra’s mother, Lily, asks.

“Just for the night,” the Governor says.

“You got a name?” Lily asks him.

“Brian. Brian Harriott,” he responds. That was a name he saw on a barn.

“You’ve gotta be hungry,” Lily says to him, giving him some food.

“Thank you,” he replies, taking the food she’s offered him.

Then, we see a younger, sister (Meagan) playing backgammon with her grandfather.

The grandfather, on an oxygen tank, asks the Governor for a cigarette; but, his daughter, Lily, replies “You want to blow us all up?”

Then, Lily and Terra explain their back story to the Governor, how they ended up where they are. They ask the Governor for help to lift the grandfather and take him to his bedroom.

“You hear that?” the grandfather asks. He’s talking about the walkers outside.

“You got kids? You gotta protect them. You’ve been out in the world; you know how to handle yourself around those things,” the grandfather says to the Governor, apparently wanting him to look after his granddaughters when he passes away.

The Governor finds a backgammon set that the grandfather mentioned was under a bed, and he also discovers a bloody zombie in a bathtub in a bathroom. He points his gun at the zombie, who is unable to get up anyway, but he doesn’t fire at it. He sees a gun by it, stabs the zombie in the head, and then he retrieves the weapon.

The Governor walks back into the grandfather’s bedroom and hands over the backgammon set.

“Thank you,” Lily, the mother of the two girls, tells him.

Then, we see the Governor looking at some photos he has of his own family. Lily hands him a gun, but he tells her: “You keep that.”

“I need to ask you something. My dad has Stage 4 lung cancer. He’s nearing the end. He’s got about 2 days of oxygen; maybe less. There’s an old folks’ home maybe two hours away from us. H’es the only one who can put a smile on Meagan’s face, even for a second.” She is asking the Governor to go and get them an oxygen tank.

He does undertake that quest, and he hears he sounds of one of the walkers nearby in the old folks’ home. It’s an elderly zombie-lady in a wheel chair. She tries to drag herself after him, but can’t. Then he sees other walkers there, but they are also not able to get him. A horde of them try, but he shoves a cart full of oxygen bottles at them, and topples some of them. He manages to grab one of the bottles, and he then flees.

The Walking Dead The Governor Returns

“Are you okay?” Lily asks when he returns.

“You didn’t let me say thank you. Let me be your nurse again,” she says. “The good news is it doesn’t look like you’ll need any stitches. The bad news is that this is going to sting like a couple of angry bees,” she says, putting medicine on his cut forehead.

“Meagan thought you were him, coming right back,” Lily tells him, meaning Meagan’s dad.

Lily then asks Meagan, who has appeared at the door, to watch her patient until she gets back.

Meagan asks him what happened to his eye. “Where you born that way, or did something happen to you later?”

At first, he tells her that he was a pirate, but then he says “No, something happened to me.” He tells her that he will tell her what happened to him.

“What really happened is that I was trying to help someone, someone I loved very much.”

Meagan: “Did they get hurt, too?”

“Yeah, yeah, they did,” he answers her.

“What is it?”

“Chess,” he tells her.

“What are those?” she asks.


“Will you lose if they die?”

“Not necessarily. They’re soldiers,” he says. He is perhaps thinking of his own community that he once had, at Woodbury.

In a touching moment of this episode of The Walking Dead, the Governor teaches her how to play chess.He is looking not as shaggy as he did earlier, and better groomed.

The grandfather passes away. “He’s gone. He’s been gone awhile.” the mom says. He becomes a zombie, and tries to attack his own granddaughter. The Governor slams the oxygen tank repeatedly into his head.

Then we see the Governor burying him.

“I know, okay? It happens no matter what,” the mother says.

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“I think he would have been grateful that you stopped him, from him — you know what I mean?” she asks him.

Meagan is, of course, understandably traumatized. We see the Governor burning the photos that he’d cherished and kept for so long. He knocks on the door of Lily, and tells her “Good-bye.”

She tells him: No, you’re going to take us with you,”

“I can’t,” he answers.

“You already have,” she says.

“Where will we go?” Laura asks.

“Wherever they’ll let us.”

Do you think we’ll make it?”

“We’ll make it.”

“Are you lying to me?”


At a place where they rest a bit, the mom says”Come join us, Meagan,” but the girl doesn’t. “This is going to take some time,” she says.

“That’s okay,” the Governor replies.

We see the two close together, at night, getting romantically involved; then, it’s the morning once again. They can’t get their vehicle started.

Now, they are on the search to locate another vehicle, walking on the road.

Just around the corner, the Governor spots a huge horde of walkers. The Governor tells the females with him to drop their bags, and come on. Meagan is slow to respond, and the Governor picks her up and runs with her. They fall into a trench, and the Governor starts killing zombies with his bare hands. It’s brutal, but pretty cool.

“I’m never going to let anything get you,” he tells her.

“Promise?” she asks.

“Cross my heart,” he answers her.

That ends this week’s episode of The Walking Dead Live Bait. It was pretty awesome, though there was not much action in this week’s episode until the final ten minutes or so, but the Governor makes up for this, by going medieval on the asses (well, heads) of several zombies.

Has the Governor changed? We definitely get to see a softer side of him, a very protective side; but, it’s like he has a dual personality, and he can get very violent very quickly, if the situation warrants. Of course, the same could be said, to a degree, about anyone who has managed to survive thus far, like Rick, Daryl, and Micchone.

What did you all think about this episode of The Walking Dead, titled Live Bait? Did you like this episode of the Governor’s reintroduction into the story line? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

3 Responses to "The Walking Dead Live Bait November 17 (Review)"

  1. Joel   November 18, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Great episode, I love the Governor.
    Next weeks episode looks amazing, carol has only just left and wasn’t up to the Governors standard in my opinion.
    Could Carol carry an entire episode like the Governor, It remains to be seen, I am sure we will find out what happens to carol in due coarse, and how Daryl and the rest react.
    This show just gets better with each episode. Love this show!

  2. lisa   November 17, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    I’m disappointed that we’re having to wait so long to find out what happens to Carol and how the rest of Rick’s group will feel when they learn he banished her. I’m finding myself losing interest in the show!

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