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So far in The Walking Dead series there have been several ups and down, twists and turns, and obviously lots of death. Although, there were definitely some stale plot points that most people saw coming, the build up and climax of each important scene was well done enough to remain appetizing enough to draw you in to consume more. It may feel like a little bit of repetition going on, where more people are added to the group and then the group’s numbers are killed off by a massive zombie horde. This is the general plot of the average zombie movie, but what separate The Walking Dead is that immense character development (for those that get to stick around) as well as the shocking decisions characters have to make as the group’s leadership.

On top of those great qualities the show also has made quite a few really eye pleasing action scenes which is quite impressive when they don’t have the biggest budget in the world to work with. That being said they also have done a great job of mixing makeup on zombies along with special effects in a way that the computer generated imagery doesn’t look over-produced. I’m extremely impressed with The Walking Dead so far.

The plotline has taken us from Rick over-run hometown, to a completely zombie infested Atlanta where Rick meets part the group that he ends up sticking with. From there they survive in the mountains until a zombie horde migrates towards their direction and kills off several from the group. After all hell broke loose they headed to the CDC, which ended up being just another dead end. Eventually they end up on Hershel’s farm where they add a family to their group and actually get to survive in peace for a while on the secluded farm. Unfortunately things go wrong within the group and Rick ends up killing Shane, as their fight for the protagonist’s position ends with Rick remaining the leader and Shane, who had been affected extremely negatively by the post-apocalyptic world ends up showing his true colors which lead to his demise.

From there the farm is over-run during the night Shane was killed because the bullet use to kill him once he came back as a zombie was over-heard by a massive herd of zombies that then headed towards the farm. Again several characters are killed off and the group must flea the farm in search of a new home. They eventually come across that new home during season three. They encounter an abandoned prison and set up shop after clearing it out the best they can. From there the Governor who is the leader of a small city of survivors runs into problems with Rick’s group, most of which were miscommunications that lead to unnecessary violence.

This was a good effect though, it showed how the new world had skewed the way people thought, and how they would jump to conclusions much easier resulting in poor decision making. Eventually the threat from the Governor is eradicated and during season four which is still underway, the group has to deal with a deathly illness that is circulating the prison and killing several people, which in turn makes them rise from the dead and kill more people. This season seems to be a bit slower than the past seasons but I’m sure as we continue along we’ll come across some wild moments before the finale. Stay tune in to The Walking Dead and watch the next episode airing tonight, you’ll most likely be in for a treat.

By Brandon Webb


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