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The X Factor is down to the Top Ten acts, and the tension is running deep. Nobody is safe; even one of Simon Cowell’s acts, Sweet Suspense, was sent home last week, because they didn’t get enough of America’s votes to stay on. Which acts will succeed, despite the increasing pressure, and move on, and which ones will be sent home? Stay tuned to The X Factor to find out!

Mario Lopez started off this episode saying that One Direction will perform live tomorrow night, and tonight, it’s British Invasion night! The singers will be performing songs from famous British bands who had great success in America during the British Invasion of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Mario Lopez introduced the Final Ten competitors of The X Factor who are left. As Simon said, “They can’t take anything for granted.” Then, he introduced the three judges, to the tune of Live and Let Die, by Sir Paul McCartney.

Mario said it will again be a double elimination night. Two acts will be going home, the ones who receive the fewest votes from America after the end of tonight’s episode of The X Factor..

Jeff Gutt for Kelly Rowland’s Over 25s will sing first. Jeff will sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. God, he’s sounding pretty darn good! The audience screamed, and clapped their hands. Of course, there was and will be only one Freddie Mercury, but Jeff did a damn good job with this version of the song. It was easily the best performance I’ve seen from him!

Paulina: “I love that you’re getting so excited! You did a great job!”

Demi: “You know that I’m a big fan of yours. This was your best performance yet!”

Simon: “I have to agree with Demi. This was by far your best performance yet!”

Kelly: “You rocked this week! I’m so proud of you!”

What a awesome way to start off this episode of The X Factor! Next, Mario says that Paulina will put Tim Olstad up on stage next from her team, The Boys.

Paulina is first seen talking with Tim, who was devastated by Demi’s comments last week that if it was up to her, he’d be leaving at the end of that episode. Paulina decided to give him a song by Sir Elton John, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. Simon said he thinks the song will be “a bit boring.”

Tim began the song great, and the audience screamed and clapped along with it. He sang the start of it fairly slowly, though, which the judges may/may not like; who knows? There’s no way he is even about to try to hit the high notes that Elton is capable of; but, he’s singing a pretty decent version. Will it be enough to carry him through another week? I could tell he was putting his heart and soul into the song, so I wish him luck. The audience clapped loudly at the end of the song.

Kelly: “I must say, you definitely stepped it up a couple of notches.”

Demi: “I don’t even think that you needed the piano to be sexy, you know?”

Simon: “Look, the thing about you, Tim, is that you’re a singing hamster, and they want you to be a singing lion. I think your future is more cabaret, possibly Broadway, than as a singing star.”

Tim: “I’m so glad that I have you guys on my side, because I wanted to prove I have what it takes.”

Mario: “Coming up is the first of The Girls.” Khaya Cohen will sing right after the next commercials for Demi’s team, The Girls.

Khaya Cohen battled against Rachel Potter last week, and beat her, but I was sorry to see Rachel go. I would have been sorry to see either one go, as Khaya is one of my favorite singers left, also.

Demi chose Let It Be by The Beatles for Khaya to sing tonight on The X Factor. If she knocks it dead, she will have no trouble moving on.

She begins it really well, and the audience claps along as she sings. It’s generally difficult for me to compliment anyone who attempts to sing a Beatles song, since they did the songs so perfectly originally. But, Khaya does a pretty good version of Let It Be. The gospel singers on stage with her really also helped set the mood.

Kelly: “Wow, Khaya! You have such a huge range! You can do it, honey!”

Paulina: “I agree with Kelly, and you’re so much into it! I need to tell you that tonight was one of the best performances!”

Simon: “What was the name of the song?

Khaya: “Let It Be.”

Simon: “I couldn’t tell. But for you to be in the final two last week was a joke. You did marvelous.”

Demi: “I agree with Simon that it was a joke that you were in the bottom two last week.”

Josh Levi of The Boys, Paulina’s team, will sing after yet more commercials. He’s a great singer; it should be interesting to see how he handles a song from the British Invasion.

“The pressure has been relentless so far,” Mario says. “Everyone’s been bringing their A games.”

He says that his sister is his “best friend.” He says he wants to “focus on taking the bar to the next level.” Paulina tells him he should “let go and enjoy this moment.”

Josh Levi will be singing  Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These). I wouldn’t call it a song from the original British Invasion; but, he does a unique, and pretty cool, version of it. He turns it into a kind of remix, a pretty good version of the original.

Kelly: “Josh Levi. I don’t know where to begin! I would so love to work with you. I want you to experience more freedom on the stage. Freedom, baby — okay?”

Demi: “You remind me of a young Chris Brown. I think you have the potential to be like a Chris Brown.”

Simon: “Your mentor is actually mad. The whole sequence with the dancing policemen was kind of insane. It was bonkers. I would like to see you next week on your own –“

Paulina: “No, no, no, no! I’m so mad — I don’t get what Simon’s saying.” The female judges think that Josh is going in the right direction, but needs to open up and claim the stage even more, while Simon seems to not like that idea so much.

The Groups, Simon’s team, will go next. Alex & Sierra will be performing Best Song Ever by One Direction. Again, it’s not technically from the original British Invasion; but, that aside, I think that Alex & Sierra will probably do a great job of singing it.

Sierra starts the song off, with Alex accompanying her on the guitar. Then, he joined in around the time of the chorus. As usual, they did a stripped-down, mostly acoustic version of the song; but, they sounded pretty great. The audience erupted in applause as the finished.

Kelly: “First of all, you guys did so much better than last week! Alex was stronger this week. It was not equal, I must say.”

Paulina: “I love the duet. You guys are good together.”

Demi: “I have to disagree with Paulina. I think you gave your best performance yet, and I’m going to download it on iTunes.”

Simon: “Guys, this was a brilliant, brilliant performance. That is a record; that was original I think you guys have a serious chance of winning the whole show!”

Will they move on? It’s up to your votes, America! vote for your favorites, or the acts who you honestly believe had the best performances of this episode.

Rion Paige will sing next for Demi’s team, The Girls! She is one of my favorites to win the entire competition;I wonder what she will be singing this episode of The X Factor.

Demi says that Rion will be singing Your Songby Elton John. Rion says that she will be singing the song for her little brother.

Simon: “I just don’t know why Rion isn’t singing something better suited to her country voice. I just don’t know.”

Personally, I think she can sing just about anything, and do an excellent job with it. She began singing the song sitting down. She has sn incredible voice — she did a mellow, sweet version of it. The audience screamed at a couple of moments during the song; it was like a tension was building as she sang.

Kelly: “Let me start this off by saying our X Factor contestants are doing great tonight! I absolutely loved you!”

Paulina: “You gave it a nostalgia, a feeling of your soul. I just loved It.”

Simon: “I thought you were good last week; I thought you were absolutely terrific this week.”

Demi: “I love it that you can control the audience with not just the song you sing, but also with the expressions on your face.”

Carlito didn’t get a great response from a couple of the judges last week, including Simon, who thought he should be sent home. Still, Carlito has survived — tonight, he’ll be singing Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.

The audience loved it, clapping along right from the start of the song — I really love the original, and no one can sing it like Mick Jagger. Carlito did okay, the audience loved it; that’s all that really count — I just happen to like the original better.

Kelly: “That’s what we’re talkin’ about! I’ll start by saying that was definitely a huge step up from last week. I still think there’s something missing — I want you to nail it every single time.”

Demi: “You need to do what you did at the end the whole time, and be dancing. I think it should be totally sexy.”

Simon: “The staging on this was sensational. You came back fighting — you gave it 110 percent. I like contestants like you; I really respect you.”

Paulina: “I miss your smile. You need to smile as you sing to the girls.”

Mario says that Lillie McCloud will be next, singing a Kate Bush song, This Woman’s Work. She will be the final singer from Kelly Rowland’s Over 25s. Lillie is worried; she feels out of her comfort song. Simon said he thinks it’s the wrong song for her at this moment.

Lillie is dressed in a beautiful white gown, looking classy, as usual. She begins the song strongly, and her voice soars as she sings; she does an amazing job with this song by Kate Bush.

Paulina: “That was so refreshing! I think that was amazing!”

Demi: “I think that reminded me of the Lillie I first saw. I enjoyed watching it.”

Simon: “By any standards, I thought that was absolutely brilliant. I genuinely feel that tonight, you have arrived.”

Kelly: “I love the fact that you are still able to share your gift, even after 50 years!”

Mario says that there are only two singers left tonight. From Demi’s team, The Girls, Ellona Santiago will perform Burn. Demi says that Ellona’s having a hard time staying on pitch –will she be able to tonight, during the live performance of this song?

Ellona starts of Burn really, really well — I am not the greatest judge of if she stayed on pitch or not, but I thought she sounded pretty amazing! The faster parts of the song seem like they’d be incredibly difficult to sing.

Demi stood up and applauded.

Kelly: “Ellona, your voice is so big, with your little bitty body. You gave me the incredible note that I was waiting, for, but you could do so much more!”

Paulina: “Thank you so much!”

Simon: “There’s no question, no doubt that you always give an incredible perfformance! It’s my suggestion that you choose the material next week — it’s like you’re a dancing, singing puppet.”

Demi: “You gave an incredible performance. Don’t listen to Simon.”

The last group of The X Factor tonight will be Restless Road, Simon’s group. They will be performing Little Things.

“Simon: “This song is a big, big song. You can get it right, or it can go horribly wrong.”

They get it RIGHT, for sure — the young ladies in the audience love their voices, especially Colten’s deep bass voice. Their voices blended and harmonized extremely well together. As I listened to them, I thought that they could do an incredible version even if this song was an a capella version.

Kelly: “I’m letting you know, I’m waiting on my Restless Road T-shirt. But, I feel it needs to be more cohesive!”

Paulina: “I love how you sing together! You’re really good.”

Demi: “I think you were good, but you could have been better. I don’t think you were cohesive enough.”

Simon: “I thought it was by far one of the best performances of the night. It wasn’t karaoke.”

I’m thinking that the female judges might have gotten together to try to send home Simon’s groups, though there may not be any truth in this –it’s just a theory I have.

The two who will be snet home apparently won’t be announced tonight — they will be announced in tomorrow’s episode of The X Factor.

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