The X Factor Top 13 Re-Do November 7 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor November 7, 2013

The X Factor tonight will be a sort of re-do of last night’s episode, The Top 12. That is because there was a graphics error, causing the incorrect phone numbers for the remaining competitors to be displayed on screen. This prevented America’s fans from voting on who they wanted to keep in the competition. The theme of tonight’s hour-long episode is “Cover Moment.”

Because of the graphics error, there will not be an elimination this week. Instead, all of the competitors, who number 13, now that Josh Levi has been brought back, will perform entirely different songs tonight, and then America will re-vote after The X Factor‘s episode. Selena Gomez was scheduled to sing her hit Slow Down, but now, she’s been re-scheduled to perform the second night of week three. The results of tonight’s voting won’t be revealed until next Wednesday night, at the beginning of the live episode.

The first person to perform tonight on The X Factor will be Josh Levi, just like last night, from The Boys, Paulina Rubio’s team. He will sing Stay. Just like last night, he did an awesome job, and the audience was clapping along from the start of the song.

Simon tells Josh that he gave a “winning performance” and also said that he was “impressed” with his performance tonight.

Paulina told him that she is “proud” of him, which I have no doubt that she is, though she uses that expression kind of a lot. She told him that “you belong on that stage.”

Up next for Kelly Rowlands’ The Over 25s is the fantastic singer, Rachel Potter. She performs the Martina McBride song, Anyway, and does an amazingly good job. Rachel had the audience in the palm of her hand, and they screamed and cheered as she sang.

Simon asks her after the song if she “has a twin sister.” He says that she did even better than she did last night, and he tells Rachel that he’s “incredibly impressed.”

Kelly says that she is “proud” of Rachel, and she tells America that they need to vote for her.

Then, for The Boys, Paulina’s team, her second singer takes the stage — Carlos Guevara. He is one of my favorites of the competition, but the judges didn’t think he turned in a very great performance last night. In this episode of The X Factor, Carlos sings Cannonball by Damien Rice.

Paulina tells him that he gave “the most amazing performance.” But, will it be good enough to keep Carlos from being eliminated next week? America, if you’d like to see Carlos remain in the competition, you need to vote for him!

The Groups, Simon Cowell’s team, goes next. Restless Road, one of the favorites to win it all, perform the song Don’t You Want to Stay.

Though they do pretty well, and the audience likes them, Simon thinks that they didn’t give their best performance tonight. He asks them if “something went wrong with the track.” He added that it felt that the song was “a bit shaky” in the first half of it. Still, all in all, he thought that they did great.

Up next, we see the girls getting prepared for their performances tonight. We see them getting their hair done, getting make-up put on, as they prepare for a photo shoot. The girls seem to be surprised by how great the transformation has made them look. Cover Girl, who sponsored this part of the episode, are glad that they helped the girls overcome their insecurities.

Speaking of The Girls, Ellona Santiago takes the stage next for Demi’s team. She will be singing Titanium, a great song. IMHO, Ellona gives an excellent performance of it, and she is going to be difficult to beat.

Demi tells her (there must be a theme here among the judges) that she “honestly can’t be more proud of you right now.” She continues, saying that Ellona can “work the stage alone perfectly.”

All of the judges seem to really think Ellona did well, and Simon calls it Ellona’s best performance so far.

For Kelly’s team, Jeff Gutt sings next. The song Jeff performs is In the Air Tonight. He’s nailing the song, really rockin’ it out, displaying his vocal range once again.

Kelly Rowland told Jeff that he rocked and that the song was a pretty hard one to sing.

However, Simon and Demi weren’t very impressed. Simon called Jeff’s performance “corny” but he did add that is was “good.” Demi pretty much expressed the same sentiments as Simon.

Alex & Sierra up now up for Simon’s team on The X Factor. They perform the Ed Sheeran song Give Me Love. Once again, they make whatever song they sing their own, and the audience really is loving how well they’re doing as they sing.

This is Simon’s group, and they are very good; but, Simon likes to lay on the praise thick for his team members, generally speaking. He told them that he loved both the song choice and their “chemistry” — both of which he tells them pretty much every time that they perform. He tells them that from now on, they “will be choosing all of their own songs.”

For The Girls, another amazing singer for Demi’s team takes the stage — Khaya Cohen. She sings Distant Dreamer, and she gets the audience clapping along with her, and cheering as she sings. Her performance was one of the many highlights of this episode of The X Factor.

Demi tells her that she did great, and says that “America would be stupid” not to vote for her, calling her “amazing.”

They have to move the show on pretty quickly, to fit in so many acts in just one hour. Next, for The Boys, Carlito Olivero performs the song If You’re Not the One. He is very popular with the young women in the audience, and they scream and cheer along as he sings. I’m guessing that he will get crap loads of votes for his performance.

Paulina tells Carlito that, as he’s feeling sick, tonight’s performance would be a challenge for him; but, she added that he nailed it. Simon was wondering how he did so great when he was feeling sick, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a YouTube video of his performance to include here.

From The Over25s, another awesome performer took the stage, Lillie McCloud. She sings Who Wants to Live Forever, knocking the song out of the park. Kelly thought that she did a great job, and said that Lillie “killed” it — in a good way, of course.

Simon’s last group of the night is up, Sweet Suspense. They sing That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber, and, like last night, they were fantastic! The audience really loved their performance — Simon’s team looks like it will be tough to beat this season.

Speaking of Simon, he praises them, saying that it was “a very difficult song to sing” and he tells them that they “must have felt pressured.” He wishes that they weren’t in this position, put up on the chopping block, basically, their fate to be decided by the votes of America –assuming that the phone numbers will actually work this time!

We’re down to the last two acts of the night. One of my favorites takes the stage for The Girls, Rion Paige! She sings the Lady Gaga song, Born This Way, and makes it her own, singing “the face off of it,” as Kelly often puts it.

Rion does so great that all of the judges give her a standing ovation! Demi tells her that she was “incredible” and Simon says that Rion can choose her own songs to sing from now on throughout the competition.

The final act of the evening on The X Factor is Tim Olstad, of The Boys. He sings I Believe I can Fly. I think that he gave a very good performance, and he has a great voice with a lot of range to it, but his voice did seem to get away from him at times.

Simon didn’t care much for Tim Olstad’s performance, telling him that he can’t sing “whooo” in the middle of a song.

However, Paulina tells Tim that she is “really impressed with his performance.”

If you want Tim Olstad, or any of the other performers to continue on, America, you need to vote for them! Despite the graphic error, and the strangeness of having to basically have a re-do of last night’s episode but with fresh songs, it turned out to be a pretty decent, fast-paced episode of The X Factor. Who will you vote for, America? Who do you believe deserves to move on? Please leave your opinions and comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb