Miss Universe 2013 Who is Eligible to Enter and Who is Not

The do's and don't of Miss Universe contest

Miss Universe

There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill in order to compete for one of the most prestigious beauty competitions Miss Universe competition in the world. If a contestant fails to meet these required standards she cannot be a contestant for the Miss Universe title.

The first and the most important requisite is to be a”naturally born female”. Of course, what kind of a weird claim is this, well, ladies and gentlemen, this point is neither stupid nor ridiculous. In the 2012 competition, Miss Canada, back then 23 years old Jenna Talackova was the first transgender to be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe contest.

Initially, Ms. Talacknova, was banned from taking part in the competition and it was only after the intervention of no less a person than Donald Trump that she was allowed to take part in the competition. Ms. Talacknova was not able to reach the last five, but did make history, being the first transgender person to compete for the famous tiara.

The second important requisite to be a contestant is that you must be unmarried. If it is found out that you were or are married the organizers have it in their power to strip you of the crown and the perks that go with it. There have been incidents in the past when winners have been stripped of their status for breaking this rule by entering the Miss Universe competition knowing full well that it is a contest reserved for unmarried women only.

The third requirement to be eligible to compete in the Miss Universe contestant is that you must be 18 to 27 years old. Younger or older women are automatically debarred from taking part in the race.

The fourth important requirement to be a Miss Universe contestant is that you must have a clean record as far as your public image is concerned. This includes that the contestant should never have been a part of a film/video of pornographic nature nor have been a part of a nude photo shoot. In 2004, Jenna Hawkins, almost lost the crown when nude pictures of her surfaced in the Hustler magazine.

The fifth requisite is that after winning the competition, Miss Universe has to maintain her immaculate figure and if she does not , once again the competition organizers have it within their legal mandate to strip you of the crown and to hand it to the first runner up.

It is strongly recommended for any one of you before deciding to enter this contest, that you read the complete terms and conditions before submitting your form to enter as a contestant, so that you are spared any undue heart break.

To all of you who fulfill all the above noted requisites it is necessary that you must be ready for some very severe scrutiny by the judges , the paparazzi and the public at large. By entering the competition you are placing yourself before billions of people who might show a lot of interest, some warranted and some unwarranted, in your public and private life. So, if you are a person who cherishes her private life and are averse to any body peeping into your lifestyle, Miss Universe contest is surely not for you.

By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada.

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