Thor: The Dark World Number One at the Box Office

Thor: The Dark World Number One at the Box Office
Thor: The Dark World topped all of the other movies this weekend, bringing the hammer down and taking in $86.1 million in the USA to hit Number One at the box office. Globally, it has so far earned $327 million.

The first Thor movie took in $65.7 in domestic ticket sales in 2011 and $449.3 million worldwide. The rate the sequel is thundering up ticket sales at the box office, it will soon surpass the debut in global ticket sales.

In fact, Thor: The Dark World, starring Chris Hemsworth as the Norse god of Thunder, is earning money at a rate that is 90 percent higher than Thor. The sequel has done particularly well in Russia, the UK, and China. It has also been doing very well at Imax theaters, where it has earned $11 million so far.

The Avengers has been the highest grossing movie to date for the Marvel franchise of superhero flicks. It starred both Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Robert Downey, Jr., as Iron Man, and it brought in $1.5 billion worldwide. That makes it the third highest grossing movie of all time, just behind Avatar at number one and Titanic at number two.

Thor: The Dark World is a joint Marvel/Disney effort, and it has benefited from Disney’s concerted market campaign, promoting the movie not just to fan boys but to a broader audience. Marvel and Disney are seeking to create super hero movies that have a mainstream appeal to them, and it appears to be a successful formula resulting in very lucrative ticket sales.

It has been even a great date movie. 62 percent of the audiences have been made up of couples; 21 percent of families; and teens have made up approximately 17 percent of the movie’s audiences. 39 percent of Thor: The Dark World‘s audiences have been under 25, while 61 percent have been older than 25.

The sequel takes place a year after what happens in The Avengers. Thor gets back together with Jane Foster (played by Natalie Portman) and tries to save Earth from a mysterious and deadly foe. Pressed to recruit aid wherever he can, Thor even forms an uneasy alliance with his adoptive brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Thor was directed by Kenneth Branagh, while the sequel, Thor: The Dark World, was directed by Alan Taylor.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa came in at number two this weekend, grossing $11.3 million to come in at $78.2 million domestically altogether. Free Birds (Relativity Media) was close behind in third place at $11.2 million domestically, and a North American total thus far of $30.2 million, and in fourth place was Last Vegas, which grossed $11.1 million for a total box office take of $33.5 million.

In fifth place was Ender’s Game, the SF movie starring Harrison Ford. It earned $10.3 million, bringing its overall earnings domestically so far to $44 million.

Thor: The Dark World still has a long way to go to equal the box office success of Iron Man 3, which is this year’s top-grossing movie, having earned $1.22 billion globally. That’s practically double the ticket sales of Iron Man 2. If its box office success continues, though, Thor: The Dark World will easily become one of this year’s top grossing movies worldwide.

Written by:  Douglas Cobb

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