Understanding a Man’s Basic Need in a Relationship

Understanding a Man's Basic Need in a RelationshipWomen say men are complicated.

Actually, men are quite simple, and women have to know how to understand them to have an effective relationship with them. While women, we think with our hearts and act on our emotions, men think with their head. Most of the time, you cannot get a man to really tell you how he feels. The reason is because men are thinkers, not feelers.

A man’s basic need is for r-e-s-p-e-c-t. He needs to be respected.
When a woman will understand that men need to be respected, and that they need to feel like a man, it will really help the relationship, whatever type of relationship it is. As women, we wonder why it is that our constant nagging and talking is not getting through to the man (men) in our lives. We wonder why it is they seem to tune us out no matter how much we try to give them comfort and talk matters through. When this happens, re-trace your steps, so to speak, and re-think what could be wrong. Maybe at some point, you will realize that you did not reassure him as a man, or maybe you disrespected him in some manner. As long as you continue to not address the point of disrespect, the man will continue to have a mental wall to you, in some capacity.

What you will realize though, once you address the issue then it will be like the calm of the storm. Women, reassure the man of your life that he is loved. Let him know and show him that he is doing a great job at being the head of the house, a husband/boyfriend, a father, etc. Make him feel that he is a strong, man. Entrust some dependence in him, too. Don’t make him feel that you are completely independent because he will probably feel that you don’t need him. He has to feel that he is being “a man” and he instinctively knows that part of his duty is to give you security–which is a woman’s greatest need from a man.

By Jamie Hill

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