Why Iran Needs a Shi’ite Bomb?



Iran desperately needs a Shi’ite atomic bomb and sooner or later it will build one. Whether, the comity of nations approves or not, the time when Iran acquires nuclear capability is near.Why?

First, Iran in order to safeguard its national and international interests needs the nuclear deterrence. It is perhaps the only way Iran can ensure its sovereign existence in a region dominated by Sunni powers. The hostile stance of Saudi Arabia and the other Middle Eastern states as far as Iran is concerned was clear as when they showed their unhappiness at the deal recently signed between it and the P 5+1 powers at Geneva.

Second, Iran needs to have nuclear capability because its arch nemesis Israel possesses a nuclear bomb. Iran needs one as well because of the hawkish stance and hegemonic designs of Israel as far as the Middle East is concerned.

Third, it is an old maxim that necessity is the mother of invention, this fits the present situation Iran finds itself in. If Iran does not acquire the much-needed nuclear capability in the form of a Shi’ite atomic device, its existence as a free state among the comity of nations is at stake. As far as Iran and its nuclear program is not a luxury but a dire necessity.

Fourth, the stance adopted by Iran is similar to that adopted by other nations that  were on the verge of becoming nuclear powers. On the one hand these states followed the instructions or rather dictates of  United Nations, but in reality, on the other hand continued to develop their nuclear prowess. This is the precedent, as far as “rogue” nations are concerned. Pakistan built its bomb this way so did North Korea. On the one hand these nations complied or at least seemed to comply with the wishes of the states that wanted them not to develop their atomic arsenal and on the other hand these states secretly kept on enriching uranium and make centrifuges, so that one fateful day they successfully tested their bomb.

Fifth, Iran needs a Shi’ite bomb in order to maintain the balance of power which at the present moment is tilted heavily in favor of Israel and the Sunni states in the region. It is paradoxical but it is true and a point that needs serious mention here is that all the nations that don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons are themselves nuclear powers, so they really don’t possess the moral high ground to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear state.

When all the above stated reasons are taken into account, it becomes clear why Iran is so desperate to possess nuclear capability. The odds against Iran are stacked up so high that Iran is left with little or even no other option but to go on enhancing its nuclear capabilities.

History will record whether the west and America were successful in stopping Iran from pursuing its nefarious dream but as far as Iran is concerned it essentially needs a Shi’ite atomic bomb in the present strategic situation.

An Editorial by Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

Guardian Express