Yale University Call Possibly a Hoax

Yale University

Yale University was on lock down for several hours on Monday as local police and SWAT teams investigated a call that was made on a gunman that was seen on New Haven campus.

The well-known university had instructed students, and faculty to “shelter in place” after a random call to 911 dispatchers just before 10 a.m. ET. The caller stated that his roommate wanted to shoot up the school and was on his way to the main campus with a rifle according to the local police.

When a situation that threatens the life of another is approaching, they issue a “shelter in place” this warning secures the safety of students and faculty that are on campus. Someone that is not emergency prepared may take this warning as a stay put and do not move. Students are to stay in their dorms with doors locked or current building, until the lockdown that is issued, has been removed.

After fully investigating the incident and combing the campus, the faculty had decided to remove the lockdown at 4:40 pm ET for all campus locations. The lockdown had lasted for 6 hours.

Thankfully, most of the students had already left the campus for the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though most of the students had left the campus for the holiday, they still had some students and faculty on campus.
The Ivy League University had issued this lockdown at 10:17 a.m. ET
According to the local police officer all the caller had said was that his roommate was on his way to Yale University to shoot people. A few hours later several Yale students witnessed someone carrying a rifle or a shotgun crossing the campus. Immediately local police and Swat team stormed the campus.

New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman claimed that the call may have been a hoax, in a press conference that was held after the incident to clarify what had happened.

Calls like this are taken very seriously, a hoax or not the school faculty believes in the safety of their students. Yale University has special procedures that must be followed when a call regarding their student’s safety is reported. All procedures must be followed before the lockdown can be removed and students can walk around the campus again.

“The caller had sounded like a really confused and scared gentleman, I wouldn’t describe his words as clear and concise” he had stated in the press conference.

All calls to the police department are taken serious, even If the incident was a hoax or not, at least the school was prepared and able to secure the campus quickly and effectively before anything serious could happen, thanks to the fast response of the local police department the students and faculty were kept safe.

By Patrick Brown


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