Youtube: Innovative 2013 Inaugural Music Awards Show [Review]

Live awards show blows your mind

Youtube: 2013 Inaugural Music Awards


Almost 170, 000 viewers tuned in to Youtube to watch the live presentation of the first ever Inaugural Youtube Music Award show sponsored by KIA Soul. The show was hosted by Jason Schwartzman alongside him was Reggie Watts whose antics included babies, cakes, face painting, and colored clouds of chalk. The theme throughout the entire show was creativity and innovation. Stars such as MIA, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire performed in a style “live” videos. The audience was encouraged to interacted with presenters and celebrities as their was no seats and standing room only. The whole concept of the living filming was to encourage spontaneity and a serendipitous feel to the award show, the basis of which Youtube is exists. The show was entirely unscripted and filmed absolutely live. Among the opening “live video” performances was CDZA performing a rendition of music featuring the history of Youtube. A feature of the show was live tweet pop-ups on the screen throughout the show.

Votes for the awards and nominees were selected upon popularity and based upon the videos likes, comments, and the number of views from the last 12 months. Youtube has grown by leaps and bounds since its beginning in 2005 helping many breakthrough artists get their recognition through Youtube and many have gone on to release CD’s and even have songs being sold on iTunes, and heard on the online radio station Pandora. Some even growing so big as to go on tour. One artist commented how she started simple on Youtube just singing and being human, making her feel like she connected more with her audiences through Youtube.

Some notable artists gave stunning performances on the show such as Lady Gaga giving a heart felt performance of “Dope” while sitting barefoot at a piano sporting a cap and flannel shirt, Lindsey Sterling performed her breakthrough song Crystalize while flying through a cityscape sporting a jet pack, Earl Sweatshirt performed the song Sasquatch in a pink “room” filled with fans, and MIA gave a eye popping performance featuring a tunnel lit by thousands of LED lights and hula hoops also LED lit. No doubt anyone watching from home was getting their mind blown as the sat in front of their laptops, tablets, smart phones, or computers, but I am sure the experience did not compare to being there live.

Awards were as follows:

Youtube Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Given to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Youtube Response of the Year: Given to Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix for “Radioactive” (based one likes, views, and comments)

Youtube Innovation of the Year: Destorm for “See Me Standing”

Youtube Phenomenon of the Year: Taylor Swifts “I Knew You Were Trouble” (Most rendition and cover videos)

Youtube Video of the Year: Girls Generation “I Got a Boy”

Youtube Artist of the Year: Eminem (most watched artist)

All in all the show was a success in achieving it phenomenal appearance and feel involving artists, audience, and viewers. I can’t wait until next years Youtube Music Video Award show to see what antics they come up with for the presentations. Without a doubt Youtube will continue its craze of breakthrough artists getting their starts on the social media site as there will never be a shortage of artists putting their creative and innovative videos and the viewers who love to join them on their journey.


By Teidi Bishop






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