YouTube Music Awards Webcast November 3rd

YouTube Music Awards Webcast November 3rdMusic fans will be eager to watch the inaugural YouTube Music Awards this Sunday November 3rd, as they are webcast live from Pier 36 in New York.  They will commence at 6pm ET and the show will run for one and a half hours. During those ninety minutes there will be some incredible performances from huge stars such as Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Eminem, Earl Sweatshirt, Walk Off the Earth, Avicii, M.I.A and other best selling artists.

YouTube is going to devote the entire day to this breakthrough event, the first in its history, and will run a 14 hour long webcast in celebration.  This will start at 5am ET.  As the day builds up to the climax of the evening there will be guest appearances from stars all over the globe, streaming in live from London, Moscow, Seoul and Rio.  Music lovers could not have wished for a more perfect Sunday. For many, this will be the perfect excuse to stay in pyjamas all day, grab some snacks, and settle in for a long session of top quality musical indulgence.

Nominees for these brand new awards are a galaxy of world renowned stars. They include Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and newcomers who are fast becoming famous like the Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix. The nominations were put together from YouTube views over the past year, so it not surprising that all these big names have appeared in them.  Six categories have been selected and these are: Video of the Year, YouTube Phenomenon, YouTube Breakthrough, Innovation of the Year, Artist of the Year and finally Response of the Year.

These YouTube Music Awards and the chance to join in on the webcast as they go out live all day on November 3rd promise to become a key feature of the music scene for years to come. The show itself promises to be radically different from the stereotypical awards presentations.

YouTube have promised that there will be big surprises in store throughout the webcast and even Jason Schwartzman, who is hosting, has said he is flying blind as there is no script for him and he claims to know only 10% minimum of hwat is going to happen. Jason is going to be under the creative directorship of Spike Jonze, who has seen big box office success with his movies Adaption and Being John Malkovich.  To live stream across the entire world is an entirely different ballgame from the relatively controlled environment of a film set, so both Jonze and Schwartzman have admitted to some nerves prior to this experimental megashow. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous” the indie actor confessed after rehearsing during the week.

Normally, an awards show on this sort of scale is planned down to the nth detail with months of pre-preparation, but that is not the case with these YouTube Music Awards.  The producers have done this on purpose, they want it to be fresh and different, to escape from the somewhat stuffy atmosphere of some orchestrated similar shows.  One of the ideas that has been leaked is the attempt to create “complex” mixes of bands and directors during the live broadcast. This is going to involve all the tricks in the book including special effects and extreme camera angles.  The production team, Vice Media and Sunset Lane, cheerfully admit they are jumping in at the deep end with their innovative approach.

The un-scripted nature of the evening awards is also a cutting edge idea. Schwartzman and his co-host Reggie Watts will be expected to ad lib as they, along with their huge predicted audiences, see and hear what unfolds. Some of this could be quite daunting for them – there has been talk of ambushes – but they are game to give it their best shot.  Schwartzman has laughingly said that every time he asks director Spike a question he just tells the crew “Don’t tell him the answer to that question.”!  If it is nothing else, the inaugural YouTube Music Awards will certainly be original.

The YouTube Music Awards promise an entire day of entertainment on November 3rd, culminating in 90 minutes of world class entertainment. What’s not to like? If it turns out to be spontaneous, crazy and wild, all the better. “We want people to be entertained” says Schwartzman and by the sounds of it, nobody is going to come away from the webcast feeling that they have had a dull time. For music lovers, November 3rd just became the best day of the entire year.

By Kate Henderson

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