YouTube Music Awards Spike Jonze Promises Messy Fun (Video)

YouTube Music Awards Spike Jonze Promises Messy Fun
It is only a matter of hours until the first inaugural YouTube Music Awards will be broadcast worldwide over the internet and Creative Director Spike Jonze promises that the live event will be massy fun. The first ever music awards program will be getting life feeds from five different locations and will be part of the main ceremony produced at Pier 36 New York City.

The Google run site is hosting a new experience for the internet. For the first time, an awards show will be entirely broadcast over the web instead of television with a live stream hosted by various networks and websites. Fans of YouTube can watch the entire thing on the internet. This event is Google’s chance to make a little history.

The New York City location will be co-hosted by Musician Reggie Watts and actor Jason Schwartzman from Pier 36. It will be a combination of pre-recorded footage, live feeds and collaborative efforts from the other live locations; Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and London. The nominees were chosen by taking into account the YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscription numbers of the artists.

Winners of each of the six categories are based on the amount of shares for each of the nominees video on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Fan interaction via social media has been done before, MTV VMA and the People’s Choice Awards use this process, but, Google have left out the “experts” who normally choose nominees and they are, of course, broadcasting the show live on YouTube.

Spike Jonze as creative director has promised fans that they will have some “messy fun” at the first YouTube Music Awards. The live stream of the show will begin tonight at 6 p.m. ET and all the global locations are synchronized to begin at the same time. Jonze has said that the entire program is meant to feel like a YouTube video.

Spike Jonze sounds more comfortable about the whole thing than Jason Schwartzman; who is co-hosting the event. Jason admitted that he was very nervous about the entire “unscripted” ceremony. His anxiety will not be alleviated by Spike’s assertion that it will be a “structured” mess on the night.

The fact that Google and YouTube will be making history has not gone unnoticed by Lady Gaga. The superior showwoman and performer will be performing her song Dope the first time ever for Jonze and his cameras. This live “music video” of Mother Monster’s performance is the director’s attempt to emulate the intimacy of YouTube videos.

Headlining the show with Lady Gaga will be Arcade Fire, Fifth Harmony, Eminem, M.I.A., Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, As well as Youtube performers who developed their following via YouTube. As well as having some big names attached to the project, the awards program will have a lot of “big” surprises according to Spike Jonze.

It is a pretty safe bet that South Korean artist PSY will be live from Seoul. Justin Bieber is currently in Brazil, so a “drop-in” by the Canadian pop star on the Rio de Janeiro broadcast could be a possibility. As for London and Moscow, anyone could pop in during the event.

Considering that PSY has been nominated for the YouTube Phenomenon of the Year for Gangnam Style, the performer may spend quite a bit of time on the program. His music video made and broke records on YouTube which made the artist an international sensation.

Since the Korean artist will at least be on some part of the YouTube Music Awards program, we’ve included his Gangnam Style music video below. The first ever annual YouTube awards show will air at 6 p.m. tonight. In a few hours Spike Jonze will begin to deliver his messy fun, Until then, we thought that Gangnam Style from PSY would give a good example of what to expect from the ground breaking show.

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