Amanda Knox Pleads Innocence in E-mail to Italian Court

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Amanda Knox sent an extensive five page e-mail to the Italian court presiding over her case, a move marked as unusual but accepted by presiding Judge Alessandro Nencini. This is the third trial for Knox, who was acquitted in 2011. That decision wasoverturned by Italy’s highest court and another appeals trial began. Knox states she sent the email in her place, as she fears being wrongly convicted. Fragments of her email were delivered by Judge Nencini as he read it out loud to the court room.

I didn’t kill.

I didn’t rape.

I didn’t rob.

I didn’t plot.

I didn’t instigate.

I didn’t kill Meredith.

Prosecutors point to Knox's desire to earn millions
Prosecutors point to Knox’s desire to earn millions

Prosecutor Francesco Maresca waved off the claims of innocence, citing Knox’s easy ability to sign “millions of dollars for her book,” as a way to profit off the murder of Meredith Kercher. In November 2007, Kercher was found dead in an apartment she shared with Knox. Her throat had been slashed and her body was left in her bedroom, covered by a blanket. The two women shared the living space in Perugia, Italy and claims of Knox’s guilt and innocence has long been debated.

On the day Kercher’s body was discovered, Knox had reported to police the home was apparently burglarized when she arrived home the next morning. Detectives on the case called the burglary staged and immediately pulled Knox in for interrogations. She was later arrested with her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito and Ivory Coast native, Rudy Guede. Both Sollecito and Knox served four years in prison, until the 2011 acquittal.

Knox’s attorney, Luciano Ghirga asked the court’s permission to read the “spontaneous declaration” from his client. Although, the email was acknowledged as a personal statement, it will not be admissible as evidence. Judge Nencini originally balked at the request, advising that position was typically granted when the defendant appeared in the court room. Due to Knox’s option of not appearing in the court, the Judge granted the request and read the email to the jurors, which displayed Knox’s pleads for her innocence.

The prosecution has failed in its attempt to prove that I was on the murder scene and that I was the one to fatally stab her without leaving any DNA of mine on the scene. This is because it would have been impossible for me to erase all of my DNA evidence on the crime scene and leave that of another person. Either I was there or I wasn’t and all of the forensic evidence proves I was not.

Additionally, Knox states she is not a “psychopath” and feels betrayed by the “failing” Italian justice system. In the lengthy letter, Knox also claims she was “psychologically tortured” by Italian officials throughout the trial. The prosecution is calling for Knox to be sentenced to 30 years in jail, a sentence request that has since extended since 26 years were originally requested in 2009.

Knox states her torture and abuse at the hands of Italian police officers forced her to name bar owner Patrick Lumumba, of the crime. The case is muddied with extensive theories from several different sources that continue to capture the spotlight in Italy and America.

Kercher's family continues to demand answers
Kercher’s family continues to demand answers

Maresca wants the courts to find a verdict of guilty on Knox, especially, he states since she began an “unbearable” action of collecting donations in the memory of Kercher.  Maresca states Kercher continues to fall into “oblivion” as Knox continues to collect millions off the story.

Knox did not appear in the courtroom, but she sent an email to the Italian court pleading her innocence. The on-going trial is expected to arrive with a verdict in January. The details of the trial continue to become complicated as Knox continues to appeal her innocence. In the midst of the court room dramas, jail time and appeals, one visible voice is missing. Meredith Kercher’s family continues to fight to determine what happened on the day their daughter was brutally raped, beaten and murdered. The case riles emotions from country to country, delivering more questions than confirmed answers.


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  1. pataz1   December 18, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Knox attempts to redefine “crime scene” to be just Meredith’s bedroom; however there is much of her DNA mixed with Meredith’s DNA and blood in the rest of the apartment. Should murder suspects get to exclude evidence by simply closing the door to a room?


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