Angelina Jolie a Doctor?

Angelina Jolie

Is Angelina Jolie a doctor or an actress? There appears to be some confusion on the matter. As an actress she had a procedure performed due to a health issue, but apparently that was not enough. Considering the availability of cosmetic surgery these days, surely she could have chosen another path. Perhaps people just need to complain about something. Since she did actually go through the process, obviously there really was something wrong.

After her radical procedure, was Jolie obligated to educate people? Was this before or after she healed? Maybe it was supposed to be when she was laying in the bed recovering from double mastectomy surgery. NPR writer Maanvi Singh states of the over 2,500 American’s surveyed less than 10 percent understood Jolie’s situation.

Whose fault is it that people did not go to a computer, press a few buttons and voluntarily locate information on their own? What are all the highly paid doctors doing with their patients? Aren’t there check ups that occur on a regular basis? Isn’t doctor/patient private consultation part of those visits?

Imagine if a child failed their class because their parents did not know how to do their homework. To test the theory 2,500 children were surveyed and it was found that less than 10 percent increased their knowledge from home assistance. Maybe such a survey should be done on Jolie’s behalf; there would be a better chance of higher numbers of success. With this responsibility to educate the masses on a private, very personal matter resting on her shoulders, Jolie must be a doctor.

WebMD writer Robert Preidt did state Jolie provided a window of opportunity for educators and health communicators to mobilize and provide education to the public. The memo must have gotten lost or maybe the email was deleted. Preidt writes lead author of the study, Dina Borzekowski, a research professor from the University of Maryland School of Public Health, said she has a feeling that an opportunity has passed where people could have been educated about the complex situation Jolie faced.

Today anyone can locate data on a numerous array of subjects, including Jolie’s announcement that a DNA test showed she was genetically predisposed to breast cancer. All of the information may not be easily accessible, but there is always a logical starting point that can lead to clarification on confusing topics. Is there a self-esteem issue affecting the mindset of today’s society? Possibly cellphones and computers are doing so much of the thinking these days that people have just decided to stop figuring things out. It could be a case of being so busy that folks are not taking the time anymore to find out any information that is not handed to them.

That is understandable. When pressing a couple of buttons makes information access so simple then why not? It seems when the words are not given they are forgotten and then someone else has to take the blame. In this case it was  Jolie’s turn. Not wanting to blame the doctors or any of the other health care workers, it became Jolie’s job to be a doctor. When she declined or delayed  action, a survey was taken to allow the public to express their feelings about her inaction.

By Dada Ra

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