Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy: Was She Right? (Video)

Mastectomy - Was Angelina Jolie Right?

The shocking announcement that Angelina Jolie went under the knife and had a double mastectomy leaves many wondering and questioning, while others simply accept these surgeries as the only solution to cancer. But was she right?

The famous actress was told she had an 80% chance of contracting  breast cancer due to genetic influences and this shaped her final decision. Since then she has developed a following of women with the same prognosis who have also chosen to have their breasts removed. Are these women making the wisest decision?

They could simply be influenced by a glamorous movie star or by her plus the American Cancer Society which promotes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as the only cure for cancer. Meanwhile, the statistic of people who will get cancer in 2013 is over a million in general while 232,000 women will contract breast cancer. This doesn’t sound like we are winning the war on cancer, considering how long this war has been going on and the billions spent on it.

Many more black women get cancer than white women. Why is that? It’s because their skin is darker and therefore does not absorb as much vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D from sunshine alone gives a 77% less chance of getting cancer; that’s a pretty powerful statistic. Black women are not informed of this valuable piece of data. Or white women.

Additionally, cancer is much more prevalent in northern countries where the sun is not as strong as it is in southern states.

However, for those people who don’t get enough vitamin D – either because of their skin color or they don’t get much sun – there is always vitamin D3 which works just as well. Some people take 6000 or more milligrams a day with no side effects.

But the American Cancer Society doesn’t really want anyone to know about the powerful protection of vitamin D because sunshine is a free cure and that would significantly cut down on their profits – especially from black women. Also, there is a higher incidence of prostrate cancer in black men, so there’s profit there too.

Could Angelina Jolie have been more right if she knew about vitamin D alone and thus, avoided her mastectomy? Or did she know about it and her doctor scoffed at her?

Drug companies and the ACS do everything possible to keep people ignorant of the vast amount of cures, not only for cancer, but for all kinds of illness. There’s Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan, Herbalism, etc. Many, many. Most of them are plant-based cures. These are all squashed and ridiculed as unworkable since the more ignorant people are of any cure that might work, the more the cancer industry will make money.

Many people have gone to jail for daring to cure people of cancer with anything but standard, all-American treatments.

Doctors will even say that antioxidants, which are much needed by the body, will interfere with chemotherapy. However, the opposite is true – antioxidants reduce the damage done by chemo.

They bully cancer victims into doing mastectomies, etc by telling them they will be dead soon if they don’t. This is simply not true – people with cancer generally live about the same amount of time with no treatment at all as those who do chemo, radiation, etc. In fact, chemo can cause brain damage, heart failure or kidney problems.

Many food manufacturers put the little pink ribbons on their products which means they support breast cancer, yet many of these products promote cancer with their processed and genetically-modified ingredients.

Breast cancer screening is another giant scam pushed off on people because the mammograms used to detect cancer actually create it! Then the doctor announces to his patient he can now go about curing her.

Thermograpy is a natural cancer screening which is safe and not based on radiation; it can also detect cancer much sooner than with a mammogram.

Dr. Bob DiMaria, a holistic medical doctor, also believes in large amounts of vitamin D for cancer prevention as well as iodine.

Besides those, there are so many foods and supplements that can prevent and even cure cancer; it is not a difficult illness to handle, as has been promoted.

In fact, in the early stages of  breast cancer, women usually don’t need a mastectomy, if they choose to go the traditional route, because they can have a minimally-invasive procedure which removes the tumors without removing the breast. But some women are so frightened of cancer, they opt for full removal with all the ugly scars and disfigurement.

As has been mentioned in so many places, food– real, organic food – is a powerful deterrent to cancer. Green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds will go very far and create a great deal of well-being and energy. They will also help with weight loss, especially by avoiding white flour and sugar. This is very important since most breast cancer victims are overweight.

Other solutions include infrared saunas, omega-3. acupuncture, exercise, green smoothies, grass-fed beef, etc. There’s much valuable information from Dr. Mercola, Dr. Bob DiMaria, Mike Adams from Natural News and others.

Angelina Jolie could have been more right if she had listened to a few more sources than her oncologist. Mastectomy is not the only choice; it should probably not even be on the list.

But then, she’s a very big star and very visible – an excellent poster girl for the American Cancer Society and the drug companies to drive in more business.

Written by Lucille Femine

Christina Applegate & Breast Cancer

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3 Responses to "Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy: Was She Right? (Video)"

  1. Mario Oliveira   January 9, 2014 at 7:26 am

    This article is outrageous. It is misleading people from the reality. Of course that a good feeding habit, exercises and a lot of other things that our grandparents already knew are important to prevent. But treat cancer or prevent in cases of high predisposition, as was Angelina Jolie’s case it is imperative to listen to your physician and have the proper treatment.

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  3. Jaylan Salah   October 7, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    I really like this article. Very interesting

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