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Love Survivor? Then get ready to mix the aspect of the fiercely competitive reality show with a huge bonus. The winner of the newest NBC slated show Space Race, will send the winner into outer space as a prize. Mark Burnett, the creative genius behind Survivor is working with Virgin Records mastermind, Sir Richard Branson to reveal the newest reality hit show: Space Race.

While no air date has been officially given to the upcoming show, speculation continues to rule the airwaves regarding the final winning prize. Branson has long wanted to expand the concept of affordable space travel to anyone. Currently, while the mainframe of the show is built, there has been no specific details on what exercises or contests the contestants would have to face against leading to the win.

So far, word has surfaced the competition will be fierce on the NBC show Space Race, reminiscent of Survivor – where contestants are placed through harrowing events that can create hunger, hatred and divide teams. The winner may just not be blown away by the stars in outer space, but possibly in the seats next to them. Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and more have booked seats on the SpaceShipTwo through Virgin Galactic. More interesting are the names funding and investing into the show and its success.

Sir Branson is ready to get involved in reality television
Sir Branson is ready to get involved in reality television

Sir Richard Branson

Labeled as dyslexic early in life, Branson dropped out of school to fall head-long into entrepreneurship. At the age of 16-years-old, Branson earned his first $8,000 in magazine advertisements from his youth-aimed periodical. He launched Virgin Records in the early 70s and started signing  bands, like Rolling Stones which lead to incredible successes. Branson continues to be a force to reckon with, launching companies globally, including a cell phone company and now the space tourism company, Virgin Galactic. Currently, more than 600 people hold tickets and are ready to board the outer space flight. The launches have been delayed, but Branson assures the flight will be prepared to launch in 2014.

Burnett has enjoyed mass success from Survivor and The Voice. Will Space Race join the list?
Burnett has enjoyed mass success from Survivor and The Voice. Will Space Race join the list?

Mark Burnett

Burnett was a former member of the British Army Parachute Regiment. Once he left the service in 1982, he too sought the path of entrepreneurship. Burnett moved to Los Angeles in the early 80s and immersed into creating a path leading to wealth and success. He always described himself as someone seeking the next thrill, thus the debut of Survivor, 13-years ago. Burnett has enjoyed the sweet results of hardwork and has earned a dozen awards for his work in reality television. Outside of Survivor, Burnett has also established his talented hand in The Apprentice, The Voice and other smaller, reality shows.

What can the public expect?

Fans are awaiting the series and look forward to learning more about SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo. The Two version is currently in testing stages in California’s Mojave Air and Space Port. Burnett is excited for this phase in reality television, calling it a pursuit of his “dream” of using the advances of television and space to create a riveting show.

Branson is thrilled that his company, Virgin Galactic will be on the front frontier to lead the public into space missions. The show brings with it an air of unpredictability and excitement, a movement, Branson calls to “democratize space,” for the million of citizens across the globe. While no word has been released from NBC regarding the debut date of Space Race, viewers will certainly be tuning in to see who will be the lucky individual to win the best grand prize.


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