Apollo Theatre Roof Collapses in London [Update]

Apollo theatre roof collapses in London

Update [12/19/2013 – 14:20]: 88 people are now believed to have been seriously wounded, following the collapse of the Apollo Theatre’s roof. Seven people are in serious condition, as emergency medical teams attend to the victims.

Original Article [12/19/2013 – 14:09]: A section of the Apollo Theatre’s roof, situated along Shaftesbury Avenue, has collapsed. The theatre was filled with around 700 people for a nighttime performance of the Curious Incident Of The Dog in the Night-Time.

According to BBC News, an eyewitness claims she heard a “cracking” noise, just prior to the roof’s partial collapse, at approximately 20:15, local time.

Thus far, reports indicate at least 30 individuals have been injured during the incident. In addition, five people have been described as seriously wounded.

Ambulances and fire engines were immediately dispatched to the scene. The London Fire Brigade indicates that all those trapped have now been freed.

The Apollo is owned and operated by Nimax Theatres.

The Metropolitan Police have advised the public to stay away from Shaftesbury Avenue, whilst emergency services handle the incident.

By James Fenner


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