Battlefield 4 Gets Patch on Xbox One After PlayStation 4 Patch

Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One

Battlefield 4 still going you troubles? Of course it is. Luckily DICE has an update for the Xbox One meant to fix the dastardly issue many call “kill trading.” Just a few days ago the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox 360 got the patch, making the Xbox One the last to jump on the band wagon. The patch also deals with a number of other issues, let’s take a look.

The patch fixes about 20 problems, here are a few of them:

  • Players being stuck in revive screen fixed
  • Players being stuck in kill cam after being revived fixed
  • Death cam being displayed early has been fixed
  • Graphical terrain glitches have been fixed
  • The camera for crouching in first-person has been slightly raised
  • Jet classes have had handling balanced
  • Party chat app problems have been fixed
  • The infamous “kill trading” has been dealt with (both characters kill each other)

These Battlefield 4 patches have not exactly been coming out at the same time but they have still been coming out for all platforms that Battlefield 4 is played on. For this patch, Xbox One was the last system to receive the update. The time separating the different systems patches was still less than half a week which shows that DICE is committed to all of their players.

Title screen Battlefield 4

All work on expansions for Battlefield 4 have been postponed until EA and DICE can fix all of the issues and bugs plaguing gamers. One expansion has already seen the light of day, China Rising, but when this was released fans showed their displeasure with current issues in-game. As a result, all expansions will not continue until Battlefield 4 runs smoothly. With the kill trading issue taken care of DICE can cross out one of their biggest problems.

Yesterday it became clear that a class-action lawsuit was being filed against EA because they “failed to disclose and misrepresented” multiple issues. To find out more about this lawsuit check out the Polygon article under the related article section at the bottom of the article.

Below is a gif that elaborates on how lag negatively invluences gameplay. This led many to unfair deaths and goes to show why it is so important that the online for Battlefield 4 needs to be immaculate. To find a full list of fixes across all systems click the second link under the related articles section at the bottom.

Battlefield 4 explanation of problems in online play

Battlefield 4 is still an incredible experience and is becoming more pristine with each and every patch. Even though Xbox One received this patch later than all other systems it is now running as smoothly as Battlefield 4 on the PC and PlayStation 4. DICE still has a long way to go before players feel comfortable enough to blame their deaths on their own skill level. Good luck to those still playing Battlefield 4. Hopefully the remaining issues will be patched soon.


By Garrett Jutte

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3 Responses to "Battlefield 4 Gets Patch on Xbox One After PlayStation 4 Patch"

  1. Bernard Black   January 6, 2014 at 7:43 am

    At first, it made it worse for me, but it must have mostly been server side issues, because it’s a little better now. I still get crashes to dash on occasion. Campaign medals still go away and I’ve beaten the campaign like 5 times now and had all gold medals a few times over. Thankfully, the weapons I unlock in campaign don’t disappear with the medals, but there are people out there experiencing unlock resets and having to start at lvl 1 again.

  2. Lolatyou332   December 20, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    This is probably the best update yet. Finally seeing an improvement. Great game i think they have been getting a lot of heat over this and have definitely learned as a company

  3. paddy   December 20, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    are you having a laugh it is even harder to get in to games since patch server shows space in games but says server full.


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