Ben Stiller Directs and Acts in the Christmas Hit ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’


Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller has been an actor that many are familiar with, but he has also been directing for some time now. Released on Christmas, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” stars Ben Stiller as the main character and director. In the 1930’s James Thurber wrote a short story that later became a film in the 1940’s. Ben Stiller now takes over the reins in the upcoming release. Stiller’s take on Walter Mitty is a step away from the past and a step away from what Stiller is usually known for.

This film does come out on Christmas but is it a Christmas movie? Is it a comedy? For Stiller, this film was one hard to label, but also something that connected with him emotionally. “It wasn’t what I was expecting. It seemed the kind of movie I would really want to see – one of those movies that didn’t have a specific genre, even though it was a comedy, and I liked that, too.

The film is rated PG and follows daydreaming extraordinaire Walter Mitty as his place of work experiences a rather big transition. To some, Walter is a guy that spends too much time in his own head, but really, Walter is simply a guy who did what he had to to live. Sometimes people have a potential that they want to live up to, but life gets in the way. This tale of Walter follows that type of individual.

Is the movie appropriate for families looking to enjoy a film on Christmas? Very much so. The everyday work patterns are something parents will likely understand and the fantasies are creative and fun enough for kids to enjoy. Once the movie really gets going the adventures and settings are so rupturing and beautiful that the movie becomes something to get lost in. Comedy is present but it is not the overall theme here, there is something important going on and comedy takes a back seat to allow the story to go where it needs to.

Ben Stiller is Walter Mitty

Some movies coming out on near Christmas such as “Anchorman 2” are purely for the hilarity factor. Stiller does something different here. An emotional story is being told that may get people thinking about their own lives, their jobs, their journeys, and what they always wanted to be. Too often media acts as only a form of entertainment. This film acts as a piece of entertainment that is enjoyable but also gets you thinking about what is important to you and what is important in your life. Walter Mitty learns a lot in this film and hopefully those lessons transmit clearly to the audience.

If you have time to spend with your family this Christmas and you decide to go see a film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is something the whole family can enjoy. Ben Stiller is the main protagonist and director of this and as such he does his best to keep this tale focused around the story. It may be something Stiller fans are surprised by due to comedy not taking a huge role in the film, but it is still something extraordinary.


By Garrett Jutte


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