Best Buy End of Year Sale on Nintendo eShop Gift Cards

Nintendo gift cards on sale at Best Buy

It is nearly new years which means Best Buy is having their end of the year sale. Included in this sale are Nintendo eShop gift cards for 20 percent off. This yellow tag sale won’t be going on for much longer. If you are looking for a way to save some money with your 3DS or Wii U purchases than now is the moment to stock up. Anyone that spends more than $100 during this yellow tag event also receives a $15 Best Buy gift card, oh the savings.

For those with a Nintendo Wii U this is a prime opportunity to download Earthbound. This Best Buy yellow tag end of the year event will obviously not be going on for much longer and provides some nice savings for anyone looking to download something. These Nintendo eShop gift cards can be used for the for any purchases on 3DS and the Wii U so choose wisely. The 3DS has a number of great games to choose from such as online versions of new game, downloadable games made for the eShop, and older Nintendo portable games that have made it to online with the help of the eShop.

Depending on your budget you have a few different prices to choose from:

  • $20 Nintendo eShop gift card for a cost of $16
  • $35 Nintendo eShop gift card for a cost of $28
  • $50 Nintendo eShop gift card for a cost of $40

Remember that if you spend more than $100 you get a $15 Best Buy gift card. This deal is going on in-store and online. If you purchase more than $100 online then you get a code instead of a physical gift card. These deals will end with the new year so act fast.

Nintendo and Best Buy

Recently the Nintendo eShop went down over the holidays due to the massive amount of users that tried to access the store simultaneously. Many of the users were linked to new accounts, apparently too many for the eShop to handle. Since the problem Nintendo has been working to get the eShop back up, and they successfully have.

The new Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter applications also went down recently. This has caused the release of both apps to be delayed outside of Japan. Currently both apps are still down in Japan but Nintendo expects to have them back soon. Nintendo also does not expect any more problems with the eShop due to this “one-time surge in demand” that has since subsided. These problems come to Nintendo as pleasant ones. It is true that Nintendo had problems but the problems they experienced came from the amount of people buying and enjoying Nintendo products over the holidays.

Now that the Nintedo eShop is back, Ninendo encourages these users to try again with gift cards from Best Buy. Some of the best times to find great deals are right after the holidays have ended. Best Buy celebrates the end of 2013 with a yellow tag event on a number of different products other than just these Nintendo eShop gift cards.


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