Facebook Leaks Mobile Report to Media

Facebook Leaks Mobile Report

Social media king Facebook has recently let their some of their metrics leak to the media, centered on their mobile numbers and other interesting data. TechCrunch obtained the report before it was published and posted the stats to their website just today.

The report was intercepted when it was sent to some of Facebook’s partners and was contained in an eMagazine that was entitled The Annual. The eMagazine was apparently playfully illustrated but also contain some other serious business matters and stats.

Some of the more interesting facts contained were Facebook’s user numbers for international markets. What makes this data special is the specific individual country details that Facebook previously announced as group totals. Facebook also always combined mobile users as a global count.

Facebook released numbers in September of 2013 showing they have 1.19 billion users in total. Mobile numbers for Facebook were reported to be 874 million visitors on a monthly basis and 507 million accessing Facebook daily through their mobile device.

However, Facebook did release some stats from June of this year for the U.S. and the U.K. markets. The U.S. reported 179 million monthly active users (MAU) and the U.K. 33 million, with 142 million on U.S. mobile and 26 million on mobile in the U.K. The daily active users (DAU) were reported to be 128 million users in the U.S. and 24 million for the U.K. Mobile users reported as 101 million for the U.S. and 20 million in the U.K.

Facebook has promised in the past to provide stats to the media that were broken down by individual countries, but up until this report was leaked to the media, the U.S. and U.K. stats were the only country focused break-down of stats. The Annual provides the stats for Israel, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

Germany reported 25 million MAU and 19 million DAU. Mobile users in Germany were reported as 13 million DAU and 18 million MAU. The stats also included 43 percent of German Internet users having Facebook accounts and 76 percent of monthly users return to Facebook daily. German Facebook mobile users make up a total of 27 percent of all phone users in the country.

France reported 26 million MAU and 18 million DAU. France’s mobile stats are 11 million DAU and 17 million MAU. The penetration of Facebook was reported as 63 percent of the country’s Internet users and 69 percent of the monthly users return to Facebook daily. Facebook now has captured 33 percent of France’s mobile users.

Spain reports a total of 18 million MAU and 12 million DAU. The mobile side shows 13 million MAU and 8.1 million DAU. Facebook accounts for capturing 58 percent of Spain’s entire group of Internet users with 67 percent of them returning daily. Mobile users of Facebook in Spain are now at 32 percent of all mobile users in the country.

Italy now has 23 million MAU with a number of 17 million DAU. MAU for Italy’s mobile users was reported as 16 million with a DAU on mobile of 10 million. Facebook’s penetration of Italian Internet users was 71 percent with 74 percent returning daily. Just under a third of all Italian mobile users are reported to be on Facebook.

Sweden reports a total of 4.9 million MAU and 3.8 million DAU. Mobile numbers for Facebook were reported as 4 million MAU and 3 million DAU. Facebook has 57 percent of all of Sweden’s Internet users with 78 percent of them returning daily to Facebook. The penetration of all of Sweden’s mobile users by Facebook was 53 percent.

The country of Turkey reported 33 million MAU and 19 million DAU, with 20 million MAU and 9.5 million DAU on mobile.

Israel reported that 71 percent of monthly users return daily. They reported 3.8 million MAU and 2.7 million DAU with mobile users at 2.9 million MAU and 2 million DAU.

The report was clear that Facebook is definitely making progress with the mobile user market but also points out what countries to focus their efforts on to establish more growth. Hopefully in future Facebook will leak more interesting reports to the media just like this one containing more country breakdowns and mobile user data so everyone can keep an eye on Facebook’s future growth.

By Brent Matsalla


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