Beyonce Can Do No Wrong This Holiday Season


It seems Beyonce can do no wrong this holiday season. It’s one thing when people love a celebrity. However, it’s more than that with Beyonce. People love to love Beyonce. This Christmas it seems she has the Midas touch, everything she touches turns to gold. She had already staged a completely over-the-top world tour throughout 2013: The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Earlier this month, the ubiquitous Beyonce holiday buzz being witnessed started with the surprise debut of her newest album.

Blazing new trails in pop music, Beyonce announced her latest self-titled album was going to have an exclusive iTunes debut. This has never been done before, but that is what we have come to expect from the hardest working women in show business. Billboard immediately projected the Beyoncé album was virtually guaranteed to debut at #1. On Monday, iTunes announced Beyoncé was the fastest-selling worldwide title, having sold 828,773 units in only three days.

Beyoncé also broke the record for first-week sales in the U.S. when it passed 600,000 copies sold. The album boasts 14 songs and 17 videos making it more of an extravaganza than just a regular old album. It is revolutionary in terms of its artistic and marketing scope. Few people in the entertainment industry would have enough courage to do what she has done with Beyoncé.  By breaking all the rules for traditional album releases she has won all by risking all.

Beyoncé is a visual album. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the show. Nevertheless, Beyonce can put on a show. With only a little traditional marketing fanfare, a little social media messaging, and her name, Beyonce has raised the bar so high that she can only be said to be in a class all by herself. She has even taken website design to new levels with her dynamic online platform presentation at

Now, Beyonce was ready to do battle with the Grinch himself. Make that two Grinches – Target and Amazon – because, in their infinite wisdom, with their fingers on the pulse of society, both of these companies announced they would not be carrying Beyoncé CDs. Why? Simply because she had snubbed them with her exclusive iTunes debut. Amazon is selling the digital version, but they are not even promoting it actively.

What would Beyonce do next? Would she let any old Grinch try to steal Christmas from her? Not quite.

Beyonce is a rare phenomenon in pop music. In terms of pure talent, she is like the Michael Jackson of her generation. Indeed, surrounded by nothing but love and adoring fans everywhere she goes, it seems that Beyonce can indeed do no wrong this holiday season.

Q: So, what is Beyonce going to do next?

A: Anything she wants.

As if conquering the world was not enough, Beyonce proceeded to garner the gushing adulation of none other than Madonna, and both of her daughters, for putting 0n a dynamite show Thursday night in Brooklyn. Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour sent Madonna a titter on Twitter gushing tweets of praise for the one and only, Queen Bey. Beyonce even kissed Madonna’s daughter Mercy on the forehead. It was all about love Thursday night at the big Beyonce concert.

Now, it’s time for some Beyonce Trivia Tidbits:

Beyonce Trivia Tidbit #1: Earlier this month when Beyonce announced ongoing tour dates for Europe in 2014, she beat the record she herself had set earlier in the year, by selling 40,000 tickets in under one hour for two 2014 concerts at Antwerp’s Sportpalei.

Beyonce Trivia Tidbit #2: With the European tour dates scheduled into 2014, the total number of shows comes to 132 dates. This tour now surpasses the I Am… Tour of 2009-10 that featured 108 dates

Beyonce Trivia Tidbit #3: Some 800 dancers auditioned to be included in Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, and from that elect group of dancers she chose a select few for the tour.

So, what could she possibly do next? How could she catch another wave of attention? Simple. After the concert on Thursday in Brooklyn, Beyonce appeared at the Wal-Mart in Tewksbury, Massachusetts on the next day, Friday, December 20.

In the evening she sauntered into the store as if she was any other shopper. She grabbed a shopping cart like any person would, and started shopping. Then she dropped the bomb.

The bomb? The bomb: Beyonce announced she wanted to wish every shopper in the Wal-Mart store a very Merry Christmas, and to that end she was going to be giving away free $50 gift cards. How many free $50 gift cards did she give away? According to the Wal-Mart store manager, Beyonce gave away no less than $37,500 in free gift cards.

Merry Christmas, Wal-Mart shoppers.

Now, remember, how Target and Amazon had snubbed her for choosing to do an exclusive iTunes debut? Remember how Target said it would not sell her Beyoncé CDs, and Amazon said it would only be selling the Beyoncé digital version?

Well, no corporate Grinch has the power to ruin Christmas for Beyonce. She was calm, cool, and collected, as she shopped in the Wal-Mart. She looked admiringly at copies of her CDs for sale on the Wal-Mart shelves. She even gave away $37,500 helping shoppers to spend that much more money on her music and Wal-Mart products.

And that’s why it seems that Beyonce can do no wrong this holiday season.

Alex is a Ph.D., author of numerous books on autism, experienced as a ghostwriter, business consultant, college professor, in sales and management, and a business owner.

By Alex Durig

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