Beyonce Talks Weight Loss Just in Time for New Year’s Resolutions

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Beyoncé is opening up to talk about her post-baby weight loss just as millions around the country are surely making New Year’s resolutions to lose their extra pounds in 2014.
The 32-year old explosive performer and new mom has confessed that she weighed 195 pounds at the heaviest point in her pregnancy with daughter Blue Ivy. Since giving birth she has shed an impressive 65 pounds. Beyoncé says that she “worked crazily” to get her body back and that she is proud of her weight loss and is now ready to show it off.

Show it off she does in the music videos for her new album, Beyoncé. The video for her song, Partition, among others, features a particularly revealing look at a strong, sexy Beyoncé. She has suggested that her Partition performance was in part for her man,  the equally talented Jay-Z.

The star said that it was important to her to demonstrate to other women that it is really possible to meet their weight loss goals and get their bodies back after having had children.

Beyoncé also stated that she wants to show other women that they don’t have to lose their sensual and sexual side just because they’ve had children. She says that she is not ashamed at all of being sexual, and that she believes that it is important to continue to have fun and maintain a strong sense of self even after entering the realm of motherhood.

In an interview with Shape magazine last spring, Beyoncé discussed the specifics of her weight loss, including some tips that might come in handy for the many making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight this week. She credits extremely hard work for her ability to lighten up and has said that she isn’t “a person that is naturally very thin.” Cardio dance workouts, running and ab work using an exercise ball were a huge part of her baby weight loss regime, as was cutting back on her favorite foods.

She reported eating a low-calorie diet that included staying away from refined carbohydrates and red meat while filling up on lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables to help her achieve her remarkable weight loss. Beyoncé also explained that she would take one day a week to indulge in something like her “favorite indulgence,” pizza.

Though she is rightfully proud of her achievements on the scale, Beyoncé has also stressed the importance of health over a specific number.  She has explained the value of loving oneself and of being accepting of  “what makes you, you.”

Beyoncé has said that her new album is, at least in part, about “finding the beauty in imperfection.” Her song, Pretty Hurts, is all about getting that message across. In the video for the song Beyoncé plays the part of a pageant contestant trying to handle the pressure to keep up the impossible standard of beauty set for women in America. The director of the video, Melina Matsoukas, has applauded Beyoncé’s willingness to be so up front with this message.

While Beyoncé expressed some regret at the time at having put so much pressure on herself to lose the weight too quickly– she was scheduled to perform just three months after Blue Ivy’s birth– she appears quite pleased with the results these days, as she should. The star looks unquestionably fabulous and serves as a role model to all those with weight loss on their minds this New Year’s Resolution season.

By Michele Wessel


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