Bitcoin May Be Fulfilling Prophesy

Bitcoin May be Fulfilling Prophesy

Bitcoin, a digital type of currency representing value and enabling transactions world wide, is a conglomeration of technology and a new way of life.  Touching on the scopes of scientific logic, finances and religion, the relatively new means of procuring goods and services has become an every day topic of interest.  Relying on the world of technology, electronics and common sense, this venue of trading is both intriguing and frightful.  Bitcoin may be fulfilling prophesy as the world joins and conforms into a unified planet of sameness.

It is the new age of high finance as bitcoin is used as a tool and an easy way to do business.  The bartering system and simple trading are things of the past, for the most part, as technology and keen minds have advanced well beyond the middle ages.  Developed in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin could be compared as just another modern financial modification, much like the marks and francs gave way to the Euro dollar.  Thinking ahead of the financial ramifications, bitcoin could well be a sign of prophesy, a sign of the times or of the end times.

Technology is a beautiful thing as it has bestowed upon our generation the means of better communication, doing business quickly and paperless, and an easy way to purchase what we need to survive.  The benefits of bitcoin are not to be denied, but also may be serving as a sign of prophesy coming true.  Earning power is still required to obtain items of luxury and the very necessities of life.  Ease of transactions have changed and evolved from the beginning of history.  The growing pains of the world at large have given way to debit cards, paypal and a cashless society.  Naturally, bitcoin seems to be the next step in the success or the ultimate demise of the earth.

The analogy of an old man comes into play when you consider the long-term effects of technological advances.  The earth is a living planet, much like the human is a living species.  Each with a designed number of years, growing through stages of new learning and enhancement.  The constant nag to improve and reinvent to make things better is a progression over time.  People take care of themselves both physically and mentally, but when things get stale, they exhaust all means to improve and repair.  The medical advancements of pacemakers and hip replacements were unheard of centuries ago.  Living to a ripe old age seems to be the goal, much as the financial world keeps reinventing the means of business.  New and improved is the motto, as the old way is just not as good as it used to be.

Bitcoin is an interesting concept and can both intensify and prolong the inevitable.  Someday the world will end, and as it has been prophesied from eons ago,  people will need to have a chip or common mark to do daily business.  The mark of the devil will be required to justify survival at all costs through sacrifice of emotion, control and conformity.  Aside from religious beliefs, the documented increase in natural disasters, continuing wars and prejudice, social unrest, materialism and distraction from entertainment and sports, are all tell-tale signs surround us.  The world is not in tune with itself for very much longer.  It could be decades or even thousands of years, but the day will come when it all will end.  Bitcoin may be just one more step in the ultimate path to the end of the world.

The ongoing quest for answers beyond our understanding and into space involves technological advancements of all kinds, including bitcoin.  The ups and downs of the financial status of the world could one day give into a new world order of government around the globe.  The reality of using various means to survive have become fake and somewhat scary.  The undertone of what is really going on in the world is yet to be seen and played out through the remainder of history.  As they say, time will tell.

Editorial by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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