The X Factor Season Finale Part One (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Season Finale Part One

On The X Factor tonight, it’s Part One of the Season Finale. The remaining Final Three competitors will perform tonight and try to get the votes from you, America, that they need to be declared the season winner of The X Factor. Which one of the three has the most of the superstar quality, the hard-to-define “X Factor,” to be the season winner?

The three competitors made a very dramatic entrance and Jeff Gutt began singing “We Will Rock You” by Queen, Then Carlito and Alex & Sierra joined in. It was AMAZING! The dancers upon the stage all had X’s on their chests. The audience was going wild as the Final Three acts sang this iconic Queen song.

Host Mario Lopez began The X Factor by introducing the Final Three competitors, Carlito Olivero of Paulina Rubio’s team The Boys, Jeff Gutt of Kelly Rowland’s team, The Over 25s, and Alex & Sierra of Simon Cowell’s team. Demi Lovato has had her team members eliminated, but she will be serving as an impartial judge tonight.

Each of the Final Three will be singing three songs on The X Factor tonight. The first will be a new song of their choosing. The second will be a duet the competitors will perform with a guest singer, and the third that each will be the fan favorite of the season, called the Song of the Series.

Simon: “I think tonight will be the closest final we’ve ever seen. Winning is the most important thing.”

Then, The X Factor went to its first commercial break. Mario announced that Paulina Rubio will sing later in this episode.

Tonight, America, is the last time you will get to vote this season on The X Factor for your favorite of the Final Three competitors. Will your votes push Carlito to the top of the Winner’s Circle, or will you chose to make Alex & Sierra or Jeff Gutt this season’s champion? Voting will start right after The X Factor ends tonight.

Carlito Olivero will be the first of the Final Three to perform. He spoke of his upbringing, and Paulina told of how Carlito had been homeless for many months, and about how he has inspired her with his passion for music. Carlito wants to win so he can give back to his family, to show them how much he is grateful to them.

Carlito sang “Impossible.” He began singing it in Spanish, then he switched to English, and he sang the rest alternating in both languages.  The young women is the audience screamed and cheered as Carlito performed. He gave what was perhaps his best performance so far this season — he just keeps on getting better and better. The audience cheered and gave him a standing ovation as he finished.

Kelly: “You always leave your heart on the stage, and share your heart with us. I give you kudos.”

Demi: “I am blown away with your story and your performance. This was a very passionate performance.”

Simon: “I really learned that I have to respect you. I like that when you’re at the bottom, you picked yourself up. You take any song and make it your version. I think you’re going to have a great night tonight.”

Then, we saw some of the huge crowd watching and cheering Carlito on from his hometown, Chicago, Illinois.  They were gathered together to wish him well and hopefully watch him seal his victory. The other two competitors also have large crowds of their friends, families, and others in their hometowns rooting them on.

Mario said that Alex & Sierra will be singing “Gimme Love” by Ed Sheeran right after the next commercial break.Sierra’s father said that Sierra started off doing Irish dancing. We saw when Simon first met them, and didn’t think much of them, but how his opinion quickly changed when he heard them singing. He loves how they are unique, and how they really support each other.

I’d like to bottle the last ten seconds of that song, sierra, because it was perfection,” was one of the comments that Simon said about their version of “Say Something.”

Tonight, they again were INCREDIBLE. They had the audience on their feet right from the very start as they sang. They looked like they were so much in love, and like they were singing from the depths of their hearts and souls. The audience screamed and cheered as they finished, and they and the judges gave them a standing ovation.

Kelly: “Your vocal, the way you’re so freely going into your riffs — any label would be crazy not to take you now!”

Demi: “I’m so blown away! I listen to your live recordings on my iPod. I’m a fan. I really hope you continue to do this.”

Paulina: “Sierra, you have this tone in your voice that is so unique. That love that you have — you guys have the X Factor.”

Simon: “It’s been genuinely an honor working for you. I’ve always dreamt I’d find an American star to represent your country around the world, and I hope that America will vote for you.”

Then, we got to see the Watch Party in Daytona Beach, Florida, their hometown. Sierra’s Irish dance teacher was there, and had her students dedicate a dance to them.

Next, Mario said that after the commercial break, Jeff Gutt will be performing “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Kelly introduced Jeff, saying that he’s from the heart of Detroit. We got to see how Jeff got to this place in the season, and how this single father never has given up on his dream.

Kelly: “Jeff believes in this more than anything, and I think he wants and needs it the most.”

Kelly told him that he didn’t “take steps, he took leaps.” Jeff thanked her, and gave her a gift — a photo of him with Kelly laying her head upon his shoulder.

“I’ve been waiting for 33 years for this one chance, and I’m not going to let it slip through my fingers,” Jeff said.

Jeff Gutt’s performance of “Dream On” was ELECTRIC! He rocked out, and had the audience cheering and screaming for him, and on their feet, for the entire song.  He cranked up the volume and showcased his wide vocal range, even screaming like Steve Tyler of Aerosmith towards the end. The three female judges and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Demi: “You took it to a whole ‘nother level. They loved you,” she said, meaning the audience.

Paulina: “You’re a rock star, baby. You’re big, and I really admire you.”

Simon: “For me, this is the very very first time that I actually believe that you believe you can win this show. I know the real thing, and I think that you are the real thing. I can’t imagine a record company not signing you after that performance.”

Kelly: “I have one word for you Gutts: A-MAZ-ING!”

Then, we saw a bit of the Watch Party for Jeff in Detroit. There was a huge crowd there, cheering him on.

Mario said that after the commercial break, we will get to hear the Final Three performing duets with “very special guest stars.”

Then, Paulina Rubio sang “Boys Will Be Boys.” She gave a great performance, and the audience gave her a standing ovation. She wore a classy (and sassy)looking black dress.

Carlito Olivero then sang a duet with Prince Royce: “Stand By Me.” They were AWESOME together, and harmonized perfectly, singing the song in both English and Spanish. The women in the audience were going crazy, screaming and cheering for both of them. KILLER GOOD STUFF.

Mario asked Prince Royce what it was like performing with Carlito, and Prince Royce said that Carlito reminded him a lot of himself.

Kelly: “Hand claps all around. I thought it was really easy for you, Carlito.”

Demi: “It was really awesome to watch. Standing next to Prince Royce, you proved to America you have what it takes to be a star.”

Simon: “You weren’t overshadowed. You show you have what it takes.”

Paulina: “A million dollar contract is what you need. America, vote for Carlito!”

Alex & Sierra next performed their duet with Leona Lewis: “Bleeding Love.” AWESOME, AMAZING — Alex & Sierra’s voices combined perfectly with Leona’s, and they also showcased their own amazing vocal strengths with this performance. The audience gave them a standing ovation.

“Leona, what was it like working with these tow lovebirds?” Mario asked.

“It was lovely, we had nice chats backstage,” Leona said.

Demi: “I felt like, to be honest, it wasn’t your best performance, but I still think you have what it takes to win this competition.”

Simon: “I thought it was a beautiful version. Leona Lewis changed this show forever, and I believe that you can, as well.”

“Right now, here is Jeff Gutt and one of his heroes, John Rzeznik, of the Goo Goo Dolls, singing their duet,” Mario said. They sang “Magnetic.”

KICK-ASS PERFORMANCE — they KILLED this song — Kelly and Demi were singing along, as well, from her chair. Jeff put so much emotion in to the performance –everyone was standing the entire song! John Rzeznik played his guitar as he sang.

The judges and audience gave them a standing ovation.

Demi: “That was an awesome performance! You held your own! I am so star-struck at the moment!”

Paulina: “Rock and Roll never ages!”

Simon: “That was a perfect collaboration — that is one of my favorite songs of all time.”

Kelly: “I’m so proud of you — congratulations, Jeff!”

Mario said that each of the three will now sing a song that they sang earlier in the season, which was a fan favorite.

Carlito Olivero went first, singing “Maria, Maria” in both English and Spanish.He was wearing a cool-looking black leather jacket, trimmed with red. He looked like he owned the stage. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Kelly: “You know, Carlito, I’m really proud of you. You came a long way.”

Demi: “I think you gave a great performance, and I think that America should vote for you.”

Simon: “I loved that song, and I think you have a place in the music industry.”

Paulina: “You deserve this recording deal.” Mario then took us back to Chicago, where the throngs of Carlito’s fans were watching him, and encouraging America to cast their votes for Carlito.

Mario reminded America again that Carlito and the others can’t win without your votes, so after The X Factor, if you want Carlito or any of the others to win, you need to vote for your favorite performer.

Alex & Sierra performed “Say Something,” the song that they NAILED before — and, history repeated itself — the NAILED it again. Their voices are so great individually, and even that much better together.

Sierra again played the piano — they were INCREDIBLE! The audience and judges gave them a standing ovation, and we got to see the Watch Party again in Daytona.

Demi: “You never cease to blow me away! You guys could win this entire competition.”

Paulina: “You guys are the perfect artists.”

Simon: “You are exactly what a talent show in America needs. I genuinely believe you deserve to win this. You two are the nicest people I’ve ever worked with.”

The Mayor of Daytona Beach proclaimed it Alex & Sierra Week. Alex gave his thanks to Sierra, and to all of the duo’s fans across America.

Jeff Gutt closed The X Factor with his Song of the Series, “Creep.” The audience clapped along as he sang. It was such a mesmerizing, hypnotic, ASTOUNDING performance! He has such a wide vocal range — he ROCKED this song out, and made it his own, singing it with passion and emotion. The audience erupted in cheers, and they and all four judges gave him a standing ovation.

Demi: “I felt like this was a stadium performance. I don’t know how the votes will go, but they should go for you.”

Paulina: “You were terrific; you were unique.”

Simon: “You were brilliant tonight. You had a fantastic night, and you’re a great competitor.”

Kelly: “I just want you to take this win home with you, to your beautiful boy. America, vote for him, this star right before your very eyes.”

The Mayor of Detroit said here’s the key to the city, for you — others there also rooted him on.

Jeff was all choked up, as he thanked Kelly. He sounded like he was fighting back tears.

The X Factor had such GREAT performances tonight! Each of the Final Three competitors deserve to move on and be declared the winner of The X Factor tomorrow night, but only one of them will be the person or act who America’s votes will select as the winner. That person/act will get the $1 million contract, though I have no doubt that the other two finalists will also get signed to a record deal — they’re all such talented performers!

America, Who do you think will be the person/act who America declares has the greatest X Factor? Please watch The X Factor tomorrow, to find out who the winner is, then check back here to read my Recap/Review of the episode!

Written by: Douglas Cobb