Brad Pitt Turns 50: 25 Fun Facts of the Man Hollywood Loves

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Brad Pitt turns 50-years-old today! Through his 50 years, Pitt has emblazoned some of the best of times for red-blooded women and global, viewing audiences. To demonstrate moments through Pitt’s illustrious career and life, below are 25 fun facts and favorite things to know about none other than superstar, Brad Pitt, in no specific order.

1. Pitt made fishing interesting again. After starring in Legends of the Fall, an otherwise quiet film, Pitt renewed the interest in fishing and maybe wishing your brother-in-law was just as hot.

Legends of the Fall marked Pitt's talents
Legends of the Fall marked Pitt’s talents

2. Pitt made crazy, simply gorgeous. In Fight Club, Pitt plays the ballsy psychological side-kick for Ed Norton.

3. The original vampire sexy beast was instilled by Pitt. Prior to the sparkly bodies of Twilight vamps and cunning charms of Eric Northman from True Blood, Pitt marked the era of vampires in Interview with the Vampire. 

4. Pitt used to drive a Datsun. Prior to his moments under the Hollywood spotlight, Pitt packed up his trusty Datsun to head to LA. He abandoned his college education to pursue a life-long dream.

5. Cool World was a blemish on Pitt’s career. The movie was filled with wince-worthy moments and even the boyishly cute Pitt could not save the movie. Luckily, Robert Redford tapped him for A River Runs Through It.

6. Pitt has been a platinum blonde, sported long dirty blonde locks and his shaggy look with ragged beard. Wife, Angelina Jolie prefers her hunky husband to remain clean-shaven.

7. Did you know that Pitt starred in a Pringle’s commercial? Yes, in 1989 the Hollywood stunner starred in a “once you pop!” advert that drew interest to his charisma.

8. Pitt dated some stellar names in Hollywood. Previous love interests include Robin Givens, Christina Applegate, Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow and of course Jennifer Anniston.


Pitt dated Robin Givens previously
Pitt dated Robin Givens previously

Fan appreciation for Pitt dropped significantly when he connected with Angelina Jolie. Many called Jolie a “homewrecker,” as Aniston withdrew from the public eye, nursing her wounds.

10. Pitt and Jolie sold initial rights to People magazine for pictures of their twins, Vivienne and Knox, for $11 million.

11.  Pitt thinks he suffers from prosopagnosia, the inability to remember faces. Pitt stated he means no disrespect, but remembering people’s face are nearly impossible unless he sees them consistently.

12. Pitt is about sharing his passions with his family. He has his pilot license and was there as son Maddox received his. Yes, Jolie also has earned her pilot license as well.

13. Pitt’s role in  Seven Years in Tibet earned him a life-time ban from China.

14. Love a man who can speak additional languages? Pitt speaks Japanese, albeit not fluently, but well enough to carry a conversation.

15. Pitt is reportedly an Atheist. His childhood was religious, but it seems Pitt didn’t carry that into adulthood.

16. He still hedges on marrying Jolie. His original stance was to wait until gay marriage was nationally accepted, but it seems the kids are pushing for a date.

17. Brad Pitt was born as William Bradley Pitt. Brad sounds more appealing than Billy.

18. Acne can attack anyone, including the handsome face of Pitt. He avoided scars by turning to the dermabrasion procedure.

19. During his pre-celebrity days, Pitt placed on a chicken costume and promoted the goods for a local chicken restaurant.

20. Pitt never permitted his photos to appear in the googly eyed Playgirl magazine. A paparazzo apparently snapped the pictures and sold it to the magazine.

21. Ever the doting dad, Pitt reportedly is an early riser and makes breakfast for the kids.

Pitt created his own B-ball team called Cherokee Rejects
Pitt created his own B-ball team called Cherokee Rejects

22. A proud activist, Pitt has donated to projects like Make It Right in New Orleans to develop new homes in hurricane hit areas.

23. In middle school, Pitt loved sports so much he created his own unofficial basketball team. Rejected from the school’s team, he developed the Cherokee Rejects, with the help of his dad.

24. Thanks to a stripper Pitt used to drive around (he was chauffeur previous to acting), Pitt met acting coach Roy London who set him on the path for success.

25. When it comes his kids, Pitt is protective. So much so, he has blocked his name and Jolie’s name from Google searches. Nice move.

While not encompassing, this fun list demonstrates 25 fun facts and favorite moments of Brad Pitt, the amazing and legendary superstar. As he enters his 50’s, many sit back waiting for more memorable tidbits of his life. Is there a favorite moment you remember during Pitt’s career? Share below in the comments.


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