Britney Spears Fails to Personalize Album

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 Britney Spears has failed to present a personalized album for her fans. In July she promised that her new album would be her most personal album yet. Her fans were hoping for a good look into her life as a child star in the Mickey Mouse Club, reinvention as the teenage tease and finally her adult hood. Her adult hood consisted of being a trashy sex symbol, a few marriages, motherhood, public meltdowns and rehab. Recently, Britney found herself as a judge on The X Factor.

Her album Britney Jean arrived after three albums full of mind games. Many of her past albums were insolent, knowing about the media manipulation. Though much of it was artificial, some of it held cultural implications about desire, stardom and pop calculation.

Fans of Spears are a bit disappointed at her new album. Many of the songs seem generalized instead of personalized. A few of her songs are duets with her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears, including the song Chillin’ With You.

Unfortunately the lack of personalization isn’t the main reason her latest album is failing. Fans have reported Spears has lost the “snap” in her music. Spears turns 32 soon and is thinking about what happens when her party girl image loses its edge. In her latest album she partially steps away from the dance floor and does more ballads that are laced with electronic twitches. A couple of the songs she uses this approach with are Don’t Cry and Passenger.

Britney Spears started out as a Mouseketeer at age 11. She originally tried out for The All New Mickey Mouse Club at age 8 but was told she was too young. At age 11 she became a Mousekateer with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and J.C. Chasez.

Her career began when she signed with Jive Records in the late 1990s. In 1999, Britney released her debut album titled Baby One More Time. Britney sold an outstanding 13 million copies of her debut album. Her second album titled Oops!…I Did It Again was released in May of 2000 and sold 9 million copies.

The year 1999 wasn’t only the year she released her first album, but Spears began her acting career as well. She made an appearance in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. From there the young pop star landed more roles throughout the years. She even starred in her own movie called Crossroads in 2002.

Unfortunately she took a spiral downhill when she became involved with Kevin Federline. They conceived two beautiful boys but the pressure from being in the spotlight became too much for Britney. Rumors spread like wild-fire about her parenting. The stress overwhelmed her and led her to shave her head.

For the past couple of years Spears has remained quiet while trying to reinvent herself. She has begun to do music again and plans to build her fan base back up. Many are excited to see her starting her career back up. Unfortunately her new album is not as personalized as her fans would like. They were looking for something real considering everything she has been through. Spears will continue to have the support of her fans but will need to come through with her promises if she wants to build her fan base.

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