Carrie Underwood Really Is the Sound of Music [video]

Carrie Soared in The Sound of MusicCarrie Underwood’s version of The Sound of Music was a definite hit with many music lovers. Why, because Carrie’s voice is the sound of music. Since her triumphant ride on American Idol to her successful remake of The Sound of Music, Carrie continues to take the music world by storm.

She grew up in a small town where she loved singing but had no idea that she could make it a career. She attributes American Idol for her success. She was a senior in college when she wowed the American Idol judges with her vocal abilities.

As much as Carrie loved singing she decided to put her love for music on hold to develop a concrete plan for her life. After high school she went on to Northeastern State University to pursue a degree in journalism. This all changed once she auditioned for Idol’s fourth season. Carrie soared on Idol and won the title, 2005 American Idol Winner.

Carrie has emerged as one of the most popular female performers in country music today. Carrie was simply a farm girl who worked hard to build upon her idol win.

I had a very happy childhood full of the wonderful simple things that children love to do. Growing up in the country, I enjoyed things like playing on dirt roads, climbing trees, catching little woodland creatures and, of course, singing.     – Carrie Underwood

She didn’t stop at American Idol; she went on to win multiple Grammy, Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association awards. Carrie continued to show the world that her voice would be the sound of music.

Carrie decided to move to Nashville and go into the country music arena that she loved so much. Again, she has worked hard for all that she’s achieved. Carrie has a string of hits and has been accepted in the country music world with love. Carrie is the first female artist to win back to back American music awards.

Carrie’s debut album, Some Hearts went triple platinum. It instantly became the fastest selling female country album since the 1991 introduction of the Nielsen SoundScan. Inside Your Heaven, Carrie’s first single, flew to the top of the Billboard charts.

Carrie’s song Jesus, Take the Wheel won the singer multiple Country Music awards. She was deemed the best new artist in 2006, again proving that she is the sound of music. Since her humble Idol beginnings Carrie has not slowed down one minute. She continued to top the music charts with hit after hit.

In 2008, at the tender age of 26, Carrie was inducted as the youngest member of the Grand Old Opry. Later the same year, Carrie triumphed again as the CMA Award winner for female vocalist of the year; marking her third consecutive year.

In May of this year, the announcement was made that Carrie would be taking over the coveted role for her fellow country star, Faith Hill, to perform the Sunday Night Football theme song.

All of her success to date brings music lovers world-wide to her latest television work as Maria in the re-telling of the classic 1965 musical known as The Sound of Music. It’s important to note that Carrie’s rendition more closely follows the original 1959 musical than the actual film starring Julie Andrews.

Carrie’s performance in The Sound of Music proved to be a success among viewers as it trumped NBC’s ratings when it aired on NBC on Thursday, Dec. 5. This three-hour production was a huge hit with audiences; bringing in about 18.5 million viewers.

Congratulations to Carrie and the rest of the team that worked hard to score such an entertaining evening of primetime television. Carrie said she was proud and blessed to be part of such a wonderful event.

Since her triumphant ride on American Idol to her successful remake of The Sound of Music, Carrie has taken the music world by storm. Even among the ever-present critics, Carrie proved that she is “the sound of music” as her role of Maria won the primetime slot across all hours of broadcast.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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